Nerdy Daily Web Development and Design Links :: Web Development Nerdy Daily Links For 10/29/2008 Nerdy Daily Links

This has been a long week so far! I have had internet issues at home but hopefully they will be worked out very soon! But don’t waste your time reading this! Get your Daily Web Developer/Designer Nerd Link Fix! Go! Go Now!

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  • Hi Great blog, love the links. I’m designing a new site now so will use the inspiration.

    I’ll be posting more web design articles on my Web Design Blog

  • I dig the list as always…

    But sheesh, its tough to read man.. My eyes hurt trying to strain to read the stuff on your site 🙁

  • @Blogger_Addicter I appreciate your feedback 🙂 Thanks!

  • wow..absolutely fantastic site here buddy 🙂

    very very very nice indeed 😉