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New Week! Happy Monday! Hope you are all rested because I am sure you have a lot to catch up on today! The Nerdy Web Development and Design Links are still coming daily! So check them out and pass them on! Bless you all!

Web Developer/Designer Resources!

Web Developer/Designer Inspiration





Web Tools

Design Contests

Social Bookmarking

Flash Site of the Day



jQuery – For Beginners!

Apple – Macbook

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  1. cameron olivier


    Told you I’d come have a look see today! :) thanks so much for these.. now I gotta make time to read them all – usually it’s “cooool link, yay..” -click- ..right-click “bookmark this tab in delicious”, close tab, and then hope I get to read it at some point.. haha but it will come in handy – when I actually have a wordpress blog, or need to do some specific jquery work, because I’ll have it all there.. :)

    btw, it’s a strange feeling typing more than 140 characters in a textbox.. haha


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