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  • I don’t need no stinking graphics!! But…
    if I did have access to some graphics I’d be less of a stinking designer!

  • Becoming a better web and graphic designer is a priority for me. Vandelaypremier has the right stuff to help me achieve this priority. I need this, thank you!!!

  • THis will help me become a better web designer!

  • When it comes to designing its not always easy to stay inspired, but if one was to be able to interact with Vandelay’s community then staying inspired became just that much easier.

  • Kylie Larsson

    Any high quality graphics are always useful for designers considering our work covers such a large variety of fields. I’m no exception. This collection would make my job a little more joyful and easy!

  • I’d like to win this because I think it will help me in creating better designs for clients.

  • Great! When you are creating textures or backgrounds is always useful an extra help!

  • Bullardino

    I’d really love to gain access to such a source of wonderful inspiration. I already follow vandelay’s tweets and rss and I really appreciate them.

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