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  • Shoaba elAttar

    Nice collection, thank you…

    لا عناء بعد اليوم بحوث مفتوحة المصدر وبكافة الاختصاصات العلمية والانسانية في اكبر مستودع اكاديمي في العراق ضمن موقع جامعة بابل

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  • milind parab

    Hi Andy,
    Could you please design me a logo for my company i just started.
    Name is
    Mafika Productions (Pty) Ltd.

    Mafika means (STONE)

    we into sound production, events, corporate clothings, printing.

    i hope you will consider my request and offer me something good to kick start my company business.


  • alex

    need it for personal logo

  • lakhansurani

    realy nice and fine logo colection

  • awesum collection….just love it..:)

  • Shroomz

    The font used for your-logo is terrific! Thanks for sharing these .psd files, appreciated a lot.

  • Tom

    Thanks for the logos, they are just beautiful.

  • Many many thanks to you….really helpful 🙂

  • Dana

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Jenny

    Thanks a lot for the nice collections of logos.

  • Mymar

    Effective and useful collection, I was looking for such freebies, the logo psds here are helpful for my design related tasks. thanks Andy!

  • It’s Really Nice Logo Collections 🙂

  • need all in one download link…….

  • Thanks Andy NICE one bro… Good for creating a mockup for a niche idea… Martin

  • The learning aspect of how they built it is very important and helpful-thanks