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7 Steps to Improving Your Google Ranking

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Sometimes, when you start a business, you aren’t really aware of what it takes to sustain it. One of those things is website maintenance. Novices believe that they can build



​How to Design a Successful Landing Page

​How to Design a Successful Landing Page 2

Your landing page can make or break the success of your website whether you have stellar content or not. Why? Just like so many skim over a good book just


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How to Build a Design Portfolio

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Building a portfolio is a task that often seems daunting at first, regardless of your profession. It should, in fact, be rather easy to put a portfolio together, but you



Top 3 Website UX Trends You Should Know


User experience is an important element to consider whether you are developing a product, an app, or a website. With web design, in particular, a good user experience can make


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The Impact Of Tech: The Design Industry Then & Now

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The design industry is a very exclusive industry – to succeed you need to have the most incredible design skills. That being said, technology has meant that learning to be


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How To Make A Living As A Writer

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Making money as a professional writer is difficult, no matter what kind of writing you might be interested in. It’s the reason you might receive a chuckle if you tell


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The Importance Of Great Web Design

The Importance Of Great Web Design 4

In a world where UK retail customers spent £154 billion online last year, a functioning, high quality and well-designed website is absolutely paramount to success. Whatever your industry, you will


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Music Everywhere: Benefits of Having Radio Playing in the Background

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There are plenty of studies that reveal the impact music has on the human brain. There is no doubt that music can help stimulate the brain in different ways, which