Streamline Twitter: The Best Twitter Services

Tweet Many companies use Twitter to promote services and products without spending hours attached to the computer or smartphone. Instead, companies use third-party services to schedule Twitter posts throughout the day, only responding to the most important inquiries in real

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Adobe Shortcut Visualizer is the Browser-Based Tool that Maps Hundreds of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts

Tweet Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign are extremely popular, and with good reason too: they’re not only extremely powerful applications, but also extremely flexible. Personally, I use all three applications in my line of work: I use Photoshop predominantly for website

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Managing Projects & Teams With Wrike Project Management Tools

Tweet As you’ve noticed we talk about business here a lot, from entrepreneurship and freelancing to making the most of your time. WE LOVE SAVING TIME. It’s the only resource we have that we can never get more of. That’s

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Improve Your Skill Set for Free with These Online Resources

Tweet As a developer, it’s important to learn the most current platforms, as the field of software development evolves at a pace faster than any other. But unlike doctors, lawyers, or nurses, developers are not required to take continuing education

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Stop Wasting Your Time – Time Doctor Review

Tweet So here we are with another review, I’ve got a good one for you today – Time Doctor. TL;DR version of this article is that holy crap, is it easy to waste time these days – and not only

Read More » Use 22,000+ Free Vector Icons (SVG, PNG, or PSD) from within Adobe Photoshop

Tweet Our friends over at Freepik have launched their latest project, Flaticon, the world’s biggest vector icon database with 22,000 high quality vector icons. A project with free files, free to use, even for commercial purposes. It is pretty fantastic

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