Online Resources To Advance Your Web Design Career

Tweet Life is expensive. And your backyard is completely devoid of money trees. You long to return to school to brush up on your web design skills, but there is no way you can afford to give up your job.

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Do You Need A Degree To Make It As A Designer

Tweet It really is a jungle out there. In this way-less-than-ideal economy and nearly non-existent job market, aspiring web designers find themselves in a conundrum. On the one hand, you want to give yourself a competitive edge that will make

Read More » Use 22,000+ Free Vector Icons (SVG, PNG, or PSD) from within Adobe Photoshop

Tweet Our friends over at Freepik have launched their latest project, Flaticon, the world’s biggest vector icon database with 22,000 high quality vector icons. A project with free files, free to use, even for commercial purposes. It is pretty fantastic

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Six Reasons Shared Workspaces are Cool for Freelancers

Tweet When you’re in permanent employment one of the common complaints is the fact you have to stare at the same four walls the whole time. Your desk or cubicle becomes your entire world and your working day can go

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4 Brands That Have Benefited Magnificently from Social Media Marketing

Tweet Time and again, management gurus talk about the importance of using social networking to get more business. In order to grow your business, it is imperative to pay attention to critical aspects such as: Brand image Website design Recruitment

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