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How to Build a Design Portfolio

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Building a portfolio is a task that often seems daunting at first, regardless of your profession. It should, in fact, be rather easy to put a portfolio together, but you


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Time To Take Your Website To The Next Level!

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It’s amazing to think that it wasn’t all that long ago that having a website for your business was considered something of a luxury. A couple of decades ago websites


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How To Make A Living As A Writer

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Making money as a professional writer is difficult, no matter what kind of writing you might be interested in. It’s the reason you might receive a chuckle if you tell


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Your Company Is Ready To Start Manufacturing – Now What?

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One of the most daunting tasks you can face as you start and grow a company is manufacturing your own product. Often you can get through the brainstorming and trial


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Social Media Savvy: The Chance to Make a Difference for a Small Outlay

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Social media marketing can be an effective way for your business to grow without spending a lot of money. But you need a tailored approach if you want to make


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Benefits of Going Green

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The fruits of adapting a green philosophy is not only to benefit future generations to come but the entrepreneur can experience an improved revenue by leaving the world a better


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iWish I Never Bought This iPhone In The First Place!

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It’s not an exaggeration to say that Apple is the most popular provider of cell phones in the world. Even with the resurgence of Samsung, the iPhone is comfortably everyone’s


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4 Smart Ways Structuring Your Routine Can Increase Focus


There are more things than ever that exist to distract us from our daily duties, so it takes effort to focus. From the suckhole of social media to the seemingly