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Make Your Next Blog Pop with These Three UI Designs

15 delicious examples of card-based web design

Conventional wisdom tells us that “content is king” when it comes to blogging. While compelling content is absolutely necessary to driving traffic to your site, consider what happens once users


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WordPress Themes Giveaway: Win a Free Membership to the CyberChimps Club for One Year


CyberChimps is the gold standard in all things WordPress. This hugely popular WordPress Themes and Plugins store has launched over 11 million websites and has 5 million downloads and counting.


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These 20 Newly Pre-built WordPress Websites Examples Offer a Ton of Possibilities

1-pre-built-wordpress-websites (8)

When your clients are universally delighted with your website creations, it’s either because they think you can perform magic, or because they know that you constantly keep up with the


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Make Money With Online Casino Sites Built With WordPress


The online gaming industry is growing each year thanks to the ever increasing interest in online gambling. With so many new games and options to play which include the emerging


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The Essentials on Building a Successful Business Website


In the online business world, there is no one set of best design decisions that fits all types of businesses. There are however a few design and marketing rules and


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Killer Drag and Drop Editors to Expedite the Design Process

CSS Hero

The drag and drop editor is somewhat of a new trend, but as many designers, wordpress developers and newbie webmasters are finding out, many of them are not as great


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WordPress 4.4: What’s Cool about “Clifford”

wordpress Clifford

In continuation of the proud tradition of naming major platform upgrades after jazz musicians, record 479 contributors led by Scott Taylor helped bring about WordPress 4.4 “Clifford”. Named after jazz


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The Advantages of using A Powerful Mix of Pre-made Layouts, Page-building Tools, And Good Support


When you have a pre-made layout to serve as a web page foundation, and you also have the right page-building tools to do the heavy lifting, it’s easy to put