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How To Make A Living As A Writer

How to start a wrting career 5

Making money as a professional writer is difficult, no matter what kind of writing you might be interested in. It’s the reason you might receive a chuckle if you tell



12 Smart Tips To Increase Customer Footfall


Footfall is vital for a bricks and mortar business. It goes without saying that the more people that enter your store, the more likely you are to make money. Without


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How to Create a Website for Your Social Work Practice

How to Create a Website for Your Social Work Practice 4

If helping people was one of your life goals, then it’s not too surprising that you ultimately chose a career in social work. Whether you are helping connect the struggling


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How to Market Your Next Mega Post

How to Market Your Next Mega Post 4

The field of content marketing is constantly changing and evolving to include new strategies and marketing ideas. However, certain strategies have remained popular over the years, such as the ‘mega-post’


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The Top Benefits of Having a Mobile App For Your Business

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A lot of businesses are acutely aware of just how app-driven the world is right now, but they still rely only on their website as a way to boost sales


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Marketing Your Business in the Physical World vs. Online

Physical vs Online Mktg 1

Whether you have a physical brick and mortar business, or one that is run entirely online, there are common goals that all entrepreneurs aspire to achieve. Some aspects of running


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Branding 101: Top Tips to Help SMEs Build an Effective Brand  

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Good branding is vital. It’s a method of representing your company in a way that encourages customers, investors and competitors and helps them to perceive your business as something of



5 Effective Channels to Market a New Product or Service

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We live in completely new times, where launching a product or a service isn’t quite as simple as it was only a few years ago. It was once a matter