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New Smart Home Security Gadgets for 2019

Abode Home Security Starter Kit

Gone are the days when you had to look for a house sitter or pay the security guard extra to look after your home while you take time off and


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Gihosoft iPhone Data Recovery Review


Owning a smartphone – whether Android or iPhone is not free from hazards. You may come to a sudden loss of data as a result of any unforeseen circumstance. That


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Should You Have an App?

Should You Have an App 9

Living in the world of modern technologies requires being aware of trends. Having a mobile app is one of these trends. It will not come as a surprise that nowadays


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Mobile Marketing – It’s A Good Call

Mobile Marketing – It’s A Good Call 1

This decade has seen the arrival of a new kind of marketing – one that targets consumers through their smartphones. The majority of internet users are now surfing the web


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7 Best Practices of Successful Software Testing Projects

7 Best Practices of Successful Software Testing Projects 1

One of the most important aspects of quality assurance in mobile application development is testing. Testing provides a proof to the functionality and effectiveness of an app. It is therefore


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Dealing with Data Loss: What Software to Use?

Image Source

Data loss can happen to anyone, from businesses to freelancers and even gamers. While the level of loss will differ depending on the victim, all parties have to look for


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Weather Apps Don’t Agree With Each Other: Why?


It is human nature that whenever there is a slight chance of a storm going to hit the city, or there is news of heavy rainfall in the city, they


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Top 5 Video Editing Software For Android

Top 5 Video Editing Software For Android 9

Smartphones have offered people the ability to make high-quality, professional videos. If you love making videos as a hobby or are looking to become the next Steven Speilberg, smartphone cameras