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How Does Website Hosting Actually Work?

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Web hosting refers to the service wherein storage space is provided for an application or a website on a server on the web. In short, web hosting means computers or



4 Home Truths About Blogging You Won’t Hear Anywhere Else

For many people, the idea of becoming a professional blogger and/or monetizing a blog is an attractive one. After all, there are a number of obvious benefits. For one, you


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Why You Need SEO, And How To Get It Right


SEO has taken the world of business by storm, and everybody is trying to utilize this useful little tool. Whilst there are many ways to do this, there are also


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Are You Ready To Blog Full-Time?

Are You Ready To Blog Full-Time 2

Starting a blog can be a lot of fun. For most people, it’s something that starts out of interest. Out of wanting to write. Out of having a passion for


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Top 16 Most Profitable Niches on YouTube to Start your Vlog

Top-16 Most Profitable Niches on YouTube to Start your Vlog 1

Video blogging is an area where you can express yourself, find fans and make good money. YouTube provides all the necessary tools for this, and most importantly, it gives a


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Top 3 Reasons Why Video Content Matters

Top 3 Reasons Why Video Content Matters 4

Video has become a trendsetter these days. Today, be it an individual influencer or large corporations, everyone is using video in their blogs, website or even social media platforms to



Blogging: What Are You Missing?

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Everyone has one and if you haven’t, then you need to ask yourself why not. We are, of course, talking about blogs. From personal tales about travel and adventure to


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7 Cool Website Builders: An Easy and Affordable Way to Build a Small Business Website

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To survive in a competitive world, it is crucial for small businesses to have a strong online presence. And what can be a better idea than building a business website