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How to Benefit from a Better Exchange Rate?


The best cash exchange rate is one that allows entrepreneurs doing business abroad to realize the anticipated profits. Currency price movements depend on factors beyond their control, and may have significant


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Attention Digital Marketing Freelancers! You Can Turn Your Side Gig Into A Small Company


The world of digital marketing is far more relevant in the eyes of those that own businesses than ever before. 6 or 7 years ago SEO was a foreign concept


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What’s the Best Phone Scanner App? See Our Top 4 Picks!

$600 billion dollars—the jaw-dropping amount of companies lose every year due to fraud. The fix? Proper security of priority documents. The best way to protect hard copy data and information


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What are the Making of a Successful Branding Strategist


Brand managers are concerned with adapting the brand’s strategy to the target market and creating a lasting impression among consumers in order to improve the product or service sales and


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A Beginner’s Wristwatch Guide

A Beginner’s Wristwatch Guide 1

In a time of smartphones, it is becoming more and more rare to see anyone carrying around a watch that’s sole function is to tell time.  Everyone already has access


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How To Maximize Sales Using A Combination Of Both Digital and Traditional Marketing Tactics

How To Maximize Sales Using A Combination Of Both Digital and Traditional Marketing Tactics 6

People that point out that traditional marketing methods no longer work could not be further from the truth. Before those methods were the only option but now they are an


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Mobile Marketing – It’s A Good Call

Mobile Marketing – It’s A Good Call 1

This decade has seen the arrival of a new kind of marketing – one that targets consumers through their smartphones. The majority of internet users are now surfing the web


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Buying PSN Games Online vs Offline: What’s Best?

Buying PSN Games Online vs Offline 1

Everything is moving towards an online society. Real-life, “offline” shops are closing down fast. Times are changing, but the gaming industry is moving just as quickly. Console and PC gamers