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7 Free Data Transfer Apps for iPhone and Android


Do you want to switch to iOS from Android or from Android to iOS? To make your life easy, here are some free apps to transfer data. It is easy


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Penny Pinching Is Not Necessarily a Good Idea: 5 Pitfalls of Free Hosting

5 Pitfalls of Free Hosting 9

If you are starting a website, one of the most important things you will need is web hosting. Web hosting is of two types: free and paid. Free hosting has


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All You Need to Know about SSD File Recovery from Formatted Drive Partition

ssd-file-recovery-formatted-drive-partition-tech-tips (2)

Although SSD drives are becoming more reliable and are gradually taking over the mainstream storage market they do have their fair share of errors that can force a user to



5 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Screen Recorder

5 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Screen Recorder 2

While it is technically true that you can use any screen recorder to capture video footage from your screen, there are lots of differences between different screen recorders. In some


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Joining PDF Files Using Movavi PDF Editor


One of the most important ways to be able to edit PDF files is to simply be able to join separate PDF documents to create a single file. By doing


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How To Run Android Applications In Google Chrome Using ARC Welder?

How to run Android applications in Google Chrome Using ARC Welder (4)

In this article, you will discover a very handy information on how to use ARC Welder in order to run any kind of Android-based applications directly in Google Chrome. A


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Hard drives: Their Shelf Life, Why They Fail And How To Run A Hard Drive Recovery With ‘EaseUS Recovery Wizard’.

Hard drives 1

Hard drives are that space inside our devices where all the information is stored. When the device and the drive work fine, we should have no problem on finding any


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An Introduction to Usenet

An Introduction to Usenet 3

In the Beginning, the Internet was all Text Once upon a time, the Internet was mostly text. HTML existed, but it was interpreted by a text-based browser called Lynx. If