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4 Skills to Help Any Type of Relationship

4 skills to help any type of relationship 1

When we hear the word “relationship,” most of us automatically think of a romantic connection to someone else, but in reality, we have varying types of relationships in our lives.


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Four Adventurous Ways to Spend Your Weekend

5 Reasons You Need to Become a Tourist in Your Own City

We are all so busy working every week that when the weekend approaches we want to celebrate the freedom of being able to spend hours in bed watching films. After


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Ways to Bring Your Family Closer Together


Family. It’s our beginning and our end. We didn’t get to pick our parents or our siblings (but sometimes we manage to get good ones anyway). We picked our spouse,


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7 Gifts That Are Unique But Cool


Whether it be Christmas, Thanksgiving, or somebody’s birthday, one of the best ways to show gratitude is to exchange gifts. However, most of us turn to regular gift items and


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Tips For Making A Quick Move For A New Job

Tips For Making A Quick Move For A New Job 2

Accepting a new job is always exciting. But it can also be stressful, particularly these days when job markets are so competitive. In some cases you’ll need to accept a


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Evolution Of Facebook Profile Views


With millions of active users, Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most prominent social networking sites. We can even say that Facebook has grabbed the attention of millions to the


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Social Media Schwag – Shout-outs, Importance of Networking & Thankful for great friends on the internets

Hey Everyone – I first want to say, that I am completely thankful for all of you, every day. I have such great friends online, and have so much fun


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#WDNDL For 7/17/2009 – HOT Icons, Inspirations, & PHP Tutorials

The Week is OVER! Its FRIDAY! Today’s links are very nice, the main focus is a few links that have awesome Icons, and we have tons of inspiration to go