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How to Combine Working and Studying While You Are in College?


People may have various reasons for working a job while they are studying in college. Combining college studies and work has never been easy, however, many people managed to do


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The Hurricane Relief Efforts We Don’t Think About

The Hurricane Relief Efforts We Don’t Think About 6

The United States is in the midst of its most dramatic and terrible hurricane season in many, many years. While a terrible storm seems to come along at least once


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Tips For Making A Quick Move For A New Job

Tips For Making A Quick Move For A New Job 2

Accepting a new job is always exciting. But it can also be stressful, particularly these days when job markets are so competitive. In some cases you’ll need to accept a


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Mood, Anxiety, and Design

anxiety 6

For those of us who suffer from depression, anxiety, and mood disorders of all kinds, every day can be a struggle. From the moment we wake up to the moment



5 Key Tips to Engage With Your Online Customer

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Keeping your customer interested is a battle any retailer should be fighting with every tool they have from the word ‘go’. When that battle takes place in the online world,



Turn Your Business Into A Cornerstone Of The Community

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There has been an exciting development in recent years that has seen a change in focus for startups and new businesses. These days, global domination or large scale deployment is


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Service Review: W3-Markup – PSD to HTML and CSS Slicing

Hey Guys! We have an awesome review for you today, with the awesome folks over at W3-Markup. I had the honor of working with them recently and I am here


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Here There Be Dragons! Dealing with Nightmare Clients & Challenges As A Freelance Designer

In the great fantastic world of design, professionals are like knights, claiming prizes and rewards while fighting fierce dragons and vanquishing evil foes. At least, we think ourselves kin to