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Social Media is Your Hub: 15 Best Social Media Strategies That Every Business Should Adopt

social media branding strategy

Social media has become the hub of web-advertising. There are many avenues available for small and big businesses to get their name out to their target market. In fact, there


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Making a Name for Your Business: 7 Fresh Branding Ideas to Consider Implementing in Your Marketing Strategy

Making a Name for Your Business 7

Branding identifies a business. Customers learn to recognize the brand and the business by seeing the branding over and over again. Businesses can boost the recognition of their branding with


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The Most Modern Ways To Market Your Business

The Most Modern Ways To Market Your Business 2

Marketing is one of the biggest parts of running a business, and when you’re donating at least 20%-40% of your resources to campaigns across multiple media channels, you need to


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How to Market Your Next Mega Post

How to Market Your Next Mega Post 4

The field of content marketing is constantly changing and evolving to include new strategies and marketing ideas. However, certain strategies have remained popular over the years, such as the ‘mega-post’



How Technology and Innovation Influence Our Daily Lives

Impact of Tech on daily lives 1

Before you went to bed last night, what did you do to make sure you woke up at a certain time this morning? You set your alarm clock. But more


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Web Development Nerdy Daily Links For 4/03/2009 – #followfriday & Tutorial Edition

TGIF! Today is the best day of the week! Its #followfriday! Todays post has a ton of TUTORIALS for Photoshop and Illustrator, even a few jquery ones too! Something for