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App Builder 101: Top Five Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Mobile Application Development


Getting a mobile application for your business nowadays is an indication of your stature. Not only that, it also brings you even closer to your customers. Most customers, may it


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Top Mobile Design Trends for 2018

Top Mobile Design Trends for 2018 (2)

If you’d like to keep up with latest developments in mobile design, read below our predictions as to what design trends will be most popular in 2018. For convenience, we



How To Develop A Mobile Application Users Will Love

How to develop a mobile application which will be very popular among users 21jpg

Your objective market’s needs assume a basic part with regards to the improvement of a quality mobile app. Be that as it may, an examination indicates a significant noteworthy separation


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What is the difference between a Mobile App and Mobile Website?

What is the difference between a Mobile App and Mobile Website 14

Gone are the days when phones were just used for making calls and sending text messages, the sleek and smart mobiles offer a lot more than that. According to a



Top 4 Addictive Android Games

Top 4 Addictive Android Games 2

It’s no wonder that there are so many incredible Android games, when 88% of all smartphones use the Android OS. But with so much to choose from, including puzzle games,


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The Top Benefits of Having a Mobile App For Your Business

mobile app 4

A lot of businesses are acutely aware of just how app-driven the world is right now, but they still rely only on their website as a way to boost sales