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8 Things That Can Compromise The Image Of Your Business

8 Things That Can Compromise The Image Of Your Business 2

There’s much that contributes towards the success or failure of a business. There’s never just one thing that can be said to be the deciding factor; whether it works or


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Your Employees Are Your Value Added: So Why Aren’t Your Developing Them?

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When you’re working in the industrial or commercial sectors, your livelihood depends on your ability to stand out in a dense crowd. The ability to distinguish yourself from the competition



How To Beat The Burden Of Business Admin

How To Beat The Burden Of Business Admin 6

Love it or hate it (probably the latter for the context of this article), you will have admin to take care of a near-daily basis within your business. From managing


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Four Different Office Designs That Deliver a Distinct Message to Clients and Employees

Four different office designs that deliver a distinct message to clients and employees 1

There is a range of criteria which your office should obviously satisfy. It should be interesting, but not distracting; capable of fostering focus and concentration, but not boredom; relaxing for


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Why You Should Use a Gaming Mouse for Work


One of the biggest trends in the PC world is gaming mice. These mice are specially designed to help give games a more comfortable and customizable experience. With so many


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5 Things to Look for in Your Next Commercial Building


Your business is important to you and you want it to do well. You might have thought about the cash flow problems, the time it takes to get your first


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How To Spend Less Time Doing Boring Office Admin


Running any business requires a lot of dull admin. This includes jobs like accounting, payroll, rota-building, stock keeping and various daily check-ups to ensure things are going smoothly. Much of


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Are These Workplace Fears Affecting Your Employees?

Are These Workplace Fears Affecting Your Employees 4

Now, a person with a fear of heights is unlikely to take a job in the construction industry; especially one that involved scaffolding and ladders.  A person with a fear