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Why Use Python for AI and Machine Learning


Artificial Intelligence differs from software development projects. The difference comes due to the technology, knowledge, and the skills required for developing an AI project. It also requires in-depth research to


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8 Best Websites That Will Hone Your Programming Skills

Website design. Developing programming and coding technologies.

Ever feel like you’re not inching any closer toward your goal of becoming an excellent programmer? There are many reasons why you might feel this way, such as hitting roadblocks


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Why You Should Learn to Code

Why You Should Learn to Code 5

Programming is commonly viewed as something that most people can’t do because it requires a person to have a strong analytical and logical mind accompanied by an ability to solve


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PHP is better Than You Thought It Would Be


PHP is one of the most used programming languages of the world. It comes in different frameworks which take care of all the web development needs. However with popularity it


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How To Redirect Visitors To Another Site Or Page – Different Techniques & Explanations for Beginners

Redirecting web pages is an oft used term in search engine optimization. In fact, it is important for all webmasters carrying out search engine optimization of their sites to learn


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How To Use RSS To Display The Latest Updates On Your Website From Other Websites

In today’s time, it is imperative for websites to be dynamic and up to date with the latest happening around. A website stands to lose much if it is not


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#WDNDL for 4/5/10 – Freelancing Advice, Inspirations, Freebies, jQuery, PHP & OOP Tips!

Getting Started with OOP & PHP5: Part 2 | Carsonified Great read for people new to OOP or PHP5 (tags: oop php tutorial) Quick Tip: An Introduction to jQuery Templating


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#WDNDL Web Development Resource Roundup from when I was sick Edition!

40 Free Dual Screen Nature Wallpapers | Naldz Graphics these are stunning! love dual screen wallpapers (tags: dualscreen photography wallpaper wallpapers) Are You An Asshole? LOL this site is