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Easy to Use Prototyping & Design Handoff Tools to Improve Your Workflow

Easy to use prototyping & design handoff tools to improve your workflow (3)

The reason so many web designers take a prototyping approach is it allows them to prove or disprove their design concepts and progress through the actual design. It demonstrate the


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How to Make an App from Scratch: 4 Tips to Make the Process Simpler

How to Make an App from Scratch

Now that we’re living in a world with more than 2 million apps, it’s hard to imagine how your app could ever stand out. Thankfully, learning how to make an



The Finished Product: Understanding What Customers Want

The Finished Product Understanding What Customers Want 3

Business is a field, which evolves continuously. If you’ve been through the process of turning an idea into a fully-functional business model, you probably have a very different interpretation of


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100+ Epic Concept Design


I love Interesting Concepts, Thoughts and Ideas. Easily one of my favorite things to do is to look at design concepts and get inspired to think about my own designs


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125+ Unbelievable Futuristic Design Concepts That Inspire Creativity


So I’ve always had an interest in Products in general since I was a child. It helped drive my passion for design into my adult life and into my career.


Nerdy Daily Web Development and Design Links

Web Development Nerdy Daily Links For 3/21/2009 – HUGE POST!

Its the weekend! Followfriday was a blast, I would like to thank everyone for all of their kind recommendations yesterday, I was truly honored. So Today you get HUGE Nerdy


Nerdy Daily Web Development and Design Links

Web Development Nerdy Daily Links For 3/05/2009 – HUGE POST!

Its Thursday! Today I have ANOTHER HUGE DAILY LINKS LIST for you! The snow is all hard and melting now, so I can’t play in it anymore! Its almost the