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Working Remotely

Working Remotely 1

So you just landed a great job–that’s remote, or, rather not on-site. If you have good self-discipline, these jobs are great (I have one!), and they allow you to work


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PDF Tools- Available For All Operating Systems

PDF tools- Available for all Operating systems 2

Whether you are the MAC user or windows enthusiast, you all have to deal with PDF files and handling them always causes a lot of problems. There is software like


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Let Users Create Amazing Bug Reports For Your Javascript Dev Team With BugReplay (1)

Tools to build websites and apps faster are plentiful these days, but what about after it’s built? The focus is much less on testing, and maintaining the finished product since


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Calling All Restaurateurs: Improve Restaurant Employee Productivity

Improve Restaurant Employee Productivity 2

If you’re in the restaurant and food industries, then you’ll know just how fast-paced and quick the whole thing can be. There is very little margin for error without having



SEO Tools that Can Take Your Marketing Efforts to the Next Level

SEO Tools that Can Take Your Marketing Efforts to the Next Level 4

Whether you are a business owner looking for a bump in Google search listings or an SEO professional trying to help clients out, having the right tools is essential. Trying


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11 Strategies for Evaluating and Prioritizing IT Projects


Project management software have made lives of countless project managers easy, thanks to the host of features it provides. The only challenge is to configure this software to suit your


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Mobile Applications Make Parents’ Life Easier

Mobile Applications Make Parents’ Life Easier 5

Busy parents today are in despair: how to dedicate enough time for their children, climb career ladder and still have some time and energy for themselves, their hobbies and dreams.


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Great Tips To Help You Get More Organized!

Great Tips To Help You Get More Organized 6

We all wish at times that we could be more organized. Not having an organized lifestyle can lead to lacking in productivity both at home and at work. While no