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Reasons Why Viber Is an Excellent Tool for Businesses

Reasons why Viber is an excellent tool for businesses 4

Viber is an instant messaging software. It is also used for cross-platform calls over IP. The software is mostly used for communication. It enables people to have alive-chat. However, the



The Future of Solar Power

The Future of Solar Power 6

Our planet is changing, and not for the better. Global temperatures are rising because of our species’ dependence on fossil fuels. The hope for a better future lies, in part,


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Easier to Understand 10+ Web Design Trends For 2012


Trends are a requisite for the development and growth of web design. The trends in the field of web design are born, enhanced, and leads to the development of other


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Should Web Design and Development Trends Be Focused on Social Networking?


The digital world is advancing faster than we ever thought possible. Early visions of how the Internet might look have been realized and surpassed. From banking and shopping to dating


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What’s on your iPod? 50+ Inspirational Apple iPod Design Illustrations, Artworks, & Customizations

Ok. So I’ve been listening to the Steve Jobs Biography while I work (yeah no time to read lol) and I had completely forgotten about all of the “What’s on


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#WDNDL For 2/3/2010 – JS, CSS3, & Photoshop Tutorials, Inspirations, & Tech News!

How to Suck at Facebook – The Oatmeal HAHAHA this is great, hate all these people on facebook (tags: facebook funny humor socialmedia socialnetworking comic fun comics) New Digg Extensions


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#WDNDL For 10/01/2009 – Web News, Fun Stuff & Designer/Freelancer Tips!

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