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BaseKit – Create a Websites HTML From a Photoshop PSD or Design File without Coding

Hey Guys,

Me again 🙂

As you all know, anytime I spot something that will make someone’s life easier, I share it here lol. Today I am going to share with you something that will make Designers lives easier (ones that don’t like to code that is) – If you are perfectly fine with coding (I actually enjoy coding, it is a big part of what I do, almost more than design), then this probably isn’t for you – but if you are a designer that hates dealing with code, or paying for someone to chop up your designs, then maybe this one is for you, so check it out.

My friends over at BaseKit want to give all of our readers a great discount on their product! So I want to share with you what they have been working on (which is pretty awesome) and they want to give you some info on their product, as well as that discount!

I will let the good people at BaseKit take over from here… Enjoy!

Introducing BaseKit

It seems that every few weeks another web application comes along promising to revolutionise the entire world. Occasionally they do, but most don’t quite have the impact they promise and some just fizzle out.

We here at BaseKit don’t want to revolutionise the entire world. What we’d like to do though is make the creation of great looking websites quicker, easier and accessible to those who can’t or don’t want to code.

What we’ve found is that creating a great looking Photoshop design for a site is the fun part of creating a site. Slicing that up, turning it into code, adding functionality, uploading to a server and actually getting it online isn’t so great. (At least for us – we know plenty of people who love that stuff- but we’ll ignore them for now!)

What BaseKit does is take that process and make it as simple as possible. Really very simple. BaseKit allows you to upload that Photoshop design to our editor, drag fully functional widgets like galleries, forms, Twitter, videos etc into the site, edit the design on the fly and publish to the web with one click. Skipping the code altogether. (for those who love the plaintext, yes, you can edit the code manually too) Your site is now online and the code is W3C compliment.

Check out this video for a better look at what BaseKit can do.

It’s a pretty neat tool. We know it has limitations, but we are constantly improving, making it easier and adding more features.

We can go on explaining how great BaseKit is (we can, for hours sometimes), but there is only one way to really tell if it is right for you – give it a try! You can sign up for a free account right here – and if you like it we have worked out a great offer with Andy, exclusively for the readers of this blog. – A ‘Plus’ Account for only £1 for three months(normal price £10) – that’s access to our web builder and three sites hosted for only £1 a month!

To get this offer simply sign up to BaseKit for free and if you want to upgrade your account, chose the option to upgrade in your dashboard and enter the code BLOGOFFER – easy as that!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via email or give us a shout on Twitter.

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