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3 Tips When Using Technology for International Dating

The great thing about technology, apps and dating sites is that you can meet people from all over the world.

Before the big international sites were created dating was a very local affair. How else would you meet someone if you didn’t live nearby? In many ways technology has significantly improved our chances of finding a partner however you should exercise caution especially when you are looking for someone in a different country.

International dating is common and we have 3 tips that you should follow when you start to speak to someone abroad.

#1 Be Wary of Scams

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Many people pray on the vulnerable and scams are common with international dating. There is a lot less risk to the scammer because they live thousands of miles away so be wary of being ripped off when dating online.

A common scam is to engage with someone for a few weeks to build their trust and then create a fake crisis where they need money. People fall for this and send money and then the person that they thought they were going to meet one day simply vanishes. If someone asks you for money on a dating site, then delete them quickly. There is basically zero chance that you will get your money back and it will probably put you off international dating and using technology to find someone for good.

Also, don’t give out any personal information such as your address, bank details or anything else that can be used to steal your identity. It is best to play it safe with international dating and this means keeping your personal details and identity protected. The person you are talking to might be genuine but you can never be 100% sure until you meet them.

#2 Research the Cultural Differences

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Dating in another country can be vastly different from your own. Not everyone is as open about dating and in many places it can be a taboo subject. Even using dating apps and websites is frowned upon in some areas.

When you start to speak to someone from another country (or even before you make conversation with them) research what their culture is like. It is important to make a good impression and you don’t want to do anything that will offend them or jeopardize your chances. It is really easy to simply Google what dating is like in another country and how people act towards one another. This is extremely important if you are going to find a partner from half way across the world.

Instead of acting the same way that you do when dating someone from your own country, it is vital that you research the cultural differences (if there are any) before you start to date someone with different traditions. It is important especially if you are going to meet up.

#3 Don’t Meet Up Right Away

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Our last tip for dating internationally is to be careful when you agree to meet up with someone. Dating someone from another country isn’t easy. You can’t simply jump in your car and drive half an hour to meet them. You need to get a flight, probably a hotel and take time off work. It can be expensive.

You should only meet up with someone after a period of time and when you are fairly certain that it is going to go somewhere. You might meet for a weekend and decide not to pursue it any further, however, bear in mind that the cost will be much higher than finding this out by going for a drink at the weekend.

Don’t commit to anything until you are sure that it is safe and also that your relationship has a chance of success. Also, don’t send them money to come and meet you because this is another scam like the one we mentioned in our first tip. Spend time building up a relationship with the other person and then arrange to meet when you are both sure that it is the right time to do so.

Using Technology for International Dating

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Technology has changed our lives in many ways and dating has significantly improved because of it. Finding a date or a partner is a lot easier now that we have apps like Tinder and sites such as

International dating can be risky but the rewards are high as well. Use these 3 tips to not only increase your chances when trying to spark a relationship with someone from another country but also to keep yourself safe. There are many scams out there as well as cultural differences that you should be wary of however if you do your research then you will have a great chance of finding love abroad.

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