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Keeping It Old School – Retro Things Tech Won’t Replace

Over the past few years, it seems that tech has slowly been replacing many things in our day to day lives. For instance, no one really sends letters anymore these days. Sure, you might get the odd bill through your door, but most people now prefer to stay in touch by Skyping or sending Facebook messages rather than writing letters. Other replacements include self-service tills in shops replacing employees on the checkouts. Smartphones are also slowly replacing landlines. But does that mean our whole lives are going to be completely taken over by tech before long? Perhaps not – here are some old school things that tech won’t ever replace.


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Ok, so you could argue that books have been ousted by the introductions of Kindles. And straight after the launch of Kindles, it did look like the traditional book was being shunned. But that had recently changed and the sales of real books are now at an all time high. Even though people like Kindles, the majority of readers still prefer traditional books. It is thought that the Kindle’s convenience and small size make them the preferred choice with readers who are traveling and aren’t able to pack a few different books in their luggage.


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For decades now, job hunters have been handing out their resumes to potential new employers. There are always rumours that the common resume will be replaced by some new tech – what exactly that will be, no one quite knows. Some people believe that it might be something linked to social media, that we can all rate each other on. Thankfully, though, that sounds too much like a plot from an episode of Black Mirror so let’s hope that it never happens! For now, though, it looks like the resume is set to remain!


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Dumbwaiters have been around for centuries. Centuries ago, they were used to transport food from the servant’s quarters up to the main dining room in stately homes. In the 1970s and 1980s, they were quite fashionable and homeowners had them added to their homes as a fashion statement with which to wow their dinner party guests. Tech doesn’t seem to have replaced them now as you can still use Lift Works dumbwaiter installation services to add one to your home. They are perfect if you don’t trust yourself carrying plates of food upstairs!

Phone Calls

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Tech might have almost put an end to written letters but it looks like it will take a whole lot more for it to bring about the end of phone calls. Even though most people like to stay in touch on social media and FaceTime, there are still many people out there who pick up the phone to call their friends and family. It’s just one of those traditions that won’t quite die out! At least not just yet, anyway.

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Even though tech looks set to replace a few things we know and love, at least all of the things above will be with us for some time to come!

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