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How to Create and Use Video Content to Drive Traffic

If content is king, video content is heir to the throne. YouTube gets more hits every day than Google, and the highest rated content on social media is video. And it makes sense. Video is subversive; it engulfs the viewer, builds momentum and evokes emotion.

Creating effective video content doesn’t have to take weeks and consume your entire marketing budget and then some. By using the newest features and consistently putting out content that’s valuable to your audience, you can maximize your advertising budget and the return on your investment.

Quantity vs. Quality

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You may have dozens of high-quality YouTube videos and no views. Big corporations often throw thousands of dollars out the window to create content that is pretty, but also pretty boring and pretty useless if no one is watching, sharing or commenting on it. If the success of Snapchat shows anything about video content and consumers, it’s that quantity and quickness can outweigh quality.

Consumers want to be informed or entertained on a regular basis. Give them something they can use that gets them excited. Ask for their opinion, don’t ask for their business. Break down the barriers of a stiff, unapproachable business and let your customers see the real-life human beings behind the corporate name.

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Give them information on how to use your products in a conversational way. Make them laugh. Show them something they don’t see very often. Use the coolest new features like 360-degree videos. And don’t stop. The more video content you have the better.


YouTube SEO: The Ultimate Guide

To earn more views on your videos, make sure your titles and descriptions are keyword optimized. For example, if you’re a real estate broker and you have a video of a home for sale, the title of your video should not be the address of the home. No one is searching for 2345 N. Marshall Street. They are searching for a two bedroom family starter home in a great school district. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer before writing a title and description and before choosing keywords. Also, be sure your video descriptions include links to your social media accounts and website.

Although many SEO experts scoff at Google Plus as a failed networking platform, it can’t hurt to set up your company’s profile and share relevant content to the platform’s 343 million users. If you want your business and videos to come up on the first page of Google, Google Plus is the first place you should be sharing them. Be sure to write a different description of the video for each platform you share it on, though, so Google doesn’t think it’s duplicate content.

360-Degree Video


New video features like 360-degree video is what makes the medium exciting and engaging. It’s immersive, interactive and just down-right cool. To take it a step further, you can use a virtual reality headset so your customers can really experience a 360-degree video.

Companies are already taking advantage of this innovative new technology. With 360-degree video you can see the Tesla Factory for yourself, go skydiving with the GoPro Bomb Squad or learn about ocean conservation while you’re face to face with a stingray. For a truly inspiring 360-degree video experience, check out Amway’s informational video that takes you from the laboratory to the starving children of Zambia and shows how it is helping.

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