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Review: Movavi Screen Capture

Did you know that you can actually record anything that appears on your computer screen and save it as a video file? If you’ve seen a how-to guide or tutorial


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6 Steps to Designing a Stellar iPhone 6 App

Everyone knows Apple cannot be ignored. Ever since the company captivated the masses with its revolutionary iPhone, it has been setting the standard for the smartphone market. Although some would


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Five SEO Fallacies That You Should Ignore

If you own a website or you are anyhow connected to the latest happenings and trends on the Internet, then you have probably heard the term Search Engine Optimisation, widely


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5 Keys to Building a Powerful Business Website

A powerful business website can help you achieve your business goals, such as generating leads, increasing sales, or building brand awareness. To build a powerful business website, you need to


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How PrestaShop Will Change The Way You Build An Ecommerce Store

The Ecommerce space is more competitive than ever. Everyone shops online these days, and more and more people do it every year, this is why having an online presence capable


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How to Make A Slideshow with 3D Animation Effects – Tips & Examples

Sometimes you just need a quick, easy to make slideshow that looks professional and can be seen easily in a few different mediums, whether you are speaking at an event


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Textures to improve Webdesign + Free Textures!

A Website and its homepage design is the face of any company today. Creative web design can make your homepage more attractive. It is an art combined with creativity and


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Online Resources To Advance Your Web Design Career

Life is expensive. And your backyard is completely devoid of money trees. You long to return to school to brush up on your web design skills, but there is no