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140+ Beautiful, Most Creative & Fresh Brochure Design Inspiration – Best (so far) of 2012

We love brochure design. They were probably some of the first print materials I ever encountered in life, since they were free usually I would always end up with a bunch of them as a kid to keep me occupied as my parents were shopping for things (fun to play with too!). So in celebration of the awesomeness of brochure design we found some of the most freaking awesome, unique, and creative brochure designs we have ever seen! We hope these designs inspire you on your next project – they might even make you so excited that you’ll order your brochures next day delivery. also if you like these you will love the last epic booklet catalog brochure post we did, or the one with amazing brochure inspiration from 2011!










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    This is truly an inspiration. Beautiful and stunning designs, I can’t hardly choose a favorite. Thanks for the share.

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    Awesome designs – truly inspiring! There seems to be a trend here – the proper use of colour. On designs with lots of colour or those with just a handful, they all seem very coordinated. I think what makes them stand out is that they don’t look like they’re made in Microsoft word! 😉 I’d be interested in hearing what other readers use to make leaflets and flyers? Fireworks? InDesign? Photoshop? Something else? Also what kind of paper and/or printers does everyone use? And finally what about delivery or distribution? I personally have an artist design mine (I only know how to use Word :P) and then pass the rest of the work off to a local print shop, for printing and delivery, but I’m sure there are other ideas. Anyone do the whole lot themselves? I can imagine that’d be a lot of work, but a good money saver for smaller startups?

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    Wow, extensive collection there, lots of great examples. How do you like this one I just finished

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    Really a great post. You have collected a big list of great designs. Thanks for sharing thees awesome designs.

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    Awesome Blog designs! Your post is full of design inspiration! Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

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