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25+ Epic Game of Thrones Wallpapers

I am sure most of you are like me, (extremely geeky lol) and you LOVE game of thrones! Well today we have some freaking amazing wallpapers for you to geek out and decorate your desktop background with. These wallpapers are Epic. I know you are sad the second season is over (devastated in fact), so hopefully this cheers you up and prepares you for the long wait for season 3 :D. Whether you are a Stark or a Lannister – there is a game of thrones wallpaper here for everyone! I hope that the designs inspire you, and that the wallpapers make your inner geek smile and feel all fuzzy inside! Whatever these wallpapers inspire you to do – I hope you ENJOY them!


Easily the best character of the show (OR EVER)

What was your favorite Wallpaper? What is your favorite House? What is your favorite Character?! (mine is obviously TYRION lol) Leave it down below in the comments! Game of Thrones Geeks Unite! Thanks for reading!

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    Wow! Did you make all of these, Andy? They are truly amazing and this geek LOVES them! Thanks!

    I’m using the Stark Metallic Wolf for a background for a school project I’m doing. Your name is going to be in the credits and my resources list, but is there anything else I could do that would benefit you? I’m attending a small game/multimedia university, so there may not be a lot of paid work here, but LOTS of exposure. With your talent, I’d like to push that exposure for you…

    • 4

      Hey Jason! Thanks for the kind words, glad you liked the wallpapers – but I didn’t make them, I just collected them here for everyone to see! The original artists can be found by clicking on each image – so be sure to check them out!

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    Game of thrones is definitely the best thing on tv for 2012 and i cant wait for 03.31.2013. great work on the wallpapers

  4. 7

    LOVE LOVE Game of Thrones, started reading the books over 20 years ago, and so happy that it is a fantastic series. These are the best wallpapers I have seen, got anymore??

    Well done!!

  5. 8

    I love all of these wallpapers. I can’t wait for season 3!!!! I have read the first 4 books and can’t imagine what will happen on season 3′ it is so gritty and exiting I’m loving all the characters like brienne, bran hodor love the wallpaper by the way, I’m even starting to like Jamie after reading the books haha.

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