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Textures to improve Webdesign + Free Textures!

A Website and its homepage design is the face of any company today. Creative web design can make your homepage more attractive. It is an art combined with creativity and technology.

Web design gives a shape and look to a website and the color scheme sets the mood. But texture plays an important role in designing of the webpage. It gives beautiful look to the webpage. The main object of the texture is to seek the attention of visitors. Texture gives depth to the object. This depth is useful for showcasing the object in three dimensional (3D) views. After attention seeker and depth creator textures, photographic textures, pattern textures and the illusion textures are also very important.

The Whys And The Hows Of Textures In Web Design
The Whys And The Hows Of Textures In Web Design

To find these textures, you may want just search on the internet and get them on the free image stocking portals. Another way is applying texture on the images in your favorite image editor or creating textures in Photoshop itself. But let’s take look at how textures can improve your homepage or webpage design.

Attention Seeker Textures

High Quality Colorful Textures For Ambitious Designers

Seeking attentions of visitors is the main aim of the website and it is mostly achieved through attractive web designs. Textures can be deliberately used to seek the attention to the certain area of the website. Directed use of texture tends to pull visitors to the specific space of the website. Textured items can also look like ‘pop up’ items that gain the maximum attention.

Many times, important banners, notifications displayed on the website remain unnoticed. Texture or textural design of the banners or notifications can draw the visitors towards it. Apart from banner and notification, newly launched scheme, products, if textured, get good looks that eventually end attracting the visitors.
Sometimes advertisements may annoy the visitor because most of them hinder the visitor’s purpose of visiting the website. Textured design plays an important role here. Textured content or object works exactly opposite to the advertisement.It balances the view of visitors even though it successfully gains the attention of the visitors.

Depth Providing Textures

28 High Resolution Wood Textures For Designers
28 High Resolution Wood Textures For Designers

Texture certainly provides depth to any website. It can also add depth to illustrations. After re-designing the normal text by giving the depth, one can clearly see the changes in it as design begins to jump off the page. Dark shaded content attracts the visitors after giving texture to it as it gets the depth.

Depths, obtained by texture, can a give 3D look to the object featured in the picture. Many times it is important to give a 3D look to certain objects. Three dimensional effects on any pictures containing text and object can prove to be a visual treat on 2D screen.

Imagine a picture of a boy roaming in garden with their parents having a lollypop in his hand might seem boring for the visitors. We can make it interesting by adding texture to the object like lollypop. Textured dark red colored lollypop can look as a 3D image. Or imagine a picture of a beer bottle, if textured it will attract more visitors. After texturing the bottle anyone can see the trickling drops, giving the impressions of a chilled bottle.

Photographic Texture

How to Use Textures to Enhance Your Photographs
How to Use Textures to Enhance Your Photographs

One simple photograph can explain thousands of words.That’s why photographic textures are important in designing the website. Attention seeker and depth creating textures can apply on any object.

Setting up the mood of the photograph, showcasing the important part of the photograph could be done by using photographic textures. Detailing of the photo like its subject and perspective could also bedone by photographic textures. Showcasing the main object in the photograph by focusing it by applying texture is part of the photographic texture. Blurring the unwanted object from the photograph is also part of the photographic texture.
Imagine, a couple sitting on the table placed on a lawn but portrayed as they are working in office and the background of this scene is blue sky with green cover. It is difficult to pick the right spot in the normal picture. Here we can use the photographic texture to showcase the main object. We can partly blur the back ground to showcase that the couple is working in a healthy atmosphere. This is the photographic texture technique.

Pattern texture

5 Awesome Techniques for Using Textures in Your Designs
5 Awesome Techniques for Using Textures in Your Designs

Sometimes, you may find it difficult to portray the desired object in a photo or content.Then the next best option is creating graphics.In these graphical pictures we use the pattern texture to showcase the details from the picture. Sometimes we use same color schemes for detailing the content but it becomes difficult to differentiate the shades of the same color. It is the most common problem faced while using the shades of the same color. This differentiation of the color shades can be done by using pattern textures.

In some cases differentiation between collage and appendix is important. Using different colors may look odd at times but using single color with different shades in collage and appendix certainly becomes visually appealing. For example black and white color schemed menu cards of the restaurants displayed on the website are pattern textured.

Illusion texture

100 Terrific Photographic Textures
100 Terrific Photographic Textures

The object in the picture is bigger than it actually appears, is it possible to do that? Yes it possible, it is done by using illusion texture. Many times we have seen the objects appearing bigger and with the 3D views. Cartoons displayed on the web pages are illusion textured.

Illusion texture is used mostly in the advertisement contents. Advertisements of shoes are mostly illusion textured. Imagine a model standing tall on the wall. We cannot guess what exactly they want to showcase unless and until they don’t give special effects to the product they want to showcase. Illusion texture plays a big role in it. Different colored shoes or watch with slight 3D view can send the right message to the visitor.

Start using textures today!!

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