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How & Why to Create a Hyperlocal Marketing Campaign

Hyperlocal marketing is integral to any local brick and mortar business. Unfortunately, many small businesses don’t understand the lucrative benefits afforded by local marketing. So what is hyperlocal marketing, anyway? Simply put, it’s a marketing method that focuses on highly specific geographic areas. While local marketing might revolve around an entire city, hyperlocal marketing hones in on a specific neighborhood. 

As a local business, this is important because it allows you to capitalize on the myriad of consumers searching for a business right now, in the geographic location that they’re at. Essentially, this drives foot traffic to local business, and leverages potential consumers who have strong purchase intent. Here’s how you can get started: 

Create an Optimized “Google My Business” Listing

How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing [Updated 2018]

Google My Business is a free listing service offered by Google. Chances are, you’ve noticed this before. Conduct a search for something like “best Italian food near me” and at the top of your search results, you’ll see a card-style list of potential options associated with Google Maps. From here, you can click on a card to pull up information about a business, including their location, phone number, reviews, and photos. 

So why is this so important? Because roughly one-third of all Google searches have a local intent, and Google prioritizes their list-based results. Many businesses simply keep the most basic information on their listing, but you can take this a step further by optimizing it. Start by including a unique business description with relevant keywords. Add high-quality photos, and be sure that your contact information is consistent with your website details. 

Utilize Direct Mail

Direct mail is the process of using physical mail to attract leads. This is an old school form of marketing and advertising, and many people don’t realize that it’s thriving now more than ever. According to one study, direct mail created stronger brand emotions than other forms of marketing. And in 2016, the Data & Marketing Association found that customer response to direct mail had increased by 43% compared to the year prior. 

You can target your ideal local customers using the “Every Door Direct Mail” tool on the USPS website. Here is an EDDM guide to follow in case you’re unsure as to how it works or if you want tips to make your campaign stand out. Design attractive custom printed envelopes, and considering incporating QR codes. What’s most important is that you use codes that allow you to track the success of your campaign; with an integrated strategy, this is easier than ever. Take a look at these successful direct mail campaigns for some inspiration. 

Create Hyperlocal Blog Content

5 Things to Pay Attention to When Considering Local SEO and Your Blog

Search engine optimization plays an important role in where your business appears in search results pages, on both a local and a national scale. No matter what your business does, it’s important for you to have a blog. A blog improves your SEO, broadens your reach, and improves your thought leadership on a particular topic. 

However, adding local-based keywords can help improve your mission to rank for local search terms. But be wary: it’s important not to stuff your content with geographic keywords that aren’t natural to the content itself. This keyword stuffing method is considered a black hat tactic, and isn’t user-friendly, which will decrease your engagement rate. 

Advertise Locally

Hyperlocal marketing isn’t always about using digital strategies to reach people nearby. There are also plenty of ways you can get involved in your community and spread the word. For example, design snazzy flyers and post them in community centers, grocery stores, coffee shops, and other places where flyers are permissible. 

You should also take advantage of local meetups and events. For instance, head over to and search for relevant meetings in your area. When you show up, get involved and be transparent about your efforts to improve your local reach. You’ll find that many people are more than willing to help you with your efforts, and may even have ideas for how you can push your agenda. In community settings, the goal is to network and help one another. Networking with other local businesses can give you the leg-up you need on your competition. 

Additionally, you can partner with other local businesses for events to double your marketing budget and power. Creating an event will also help generate buzz in your area, bringing more people to your door.

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