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How Online Slot Machines Work

Online slots are a fun way to pass the time, but sometimes they can be pretty complicated. If you’ve been playing online games then you’re keen to know more about how they work, this is the article for you.

As gambling has moved over from traditional casinos to online casinos, some people have become wary about online slots, and myths about the way in which they work are rife amongst online gamblers. In this article, we’ll be debunking 3 common myths about online slots and explaining how they actually work.

Before jumping into the myths about online slots, it’s important to explain one important part of the programming that makes up an online slot game, the RNG. RNG stands for a random number generator, and this is the computer that ensures that every slot you play is fair. The RNG generates random sequences every millisecond to ensure that each spin is random and as fair as the last. Now let’s jump into some common myths about online slots.

Myth 1 – Slots work in Cycles of Wins and Losses

Understanding the Random Number Generator (RNG)

A common myth among online gamblers is that there are set winning and losing cycles on each game, but this is completely untrue. Thanks to the RNG that we just talked about, every spin is completely random, and there are actually no ‘cycles’ involved in online slots. So it’s just as likely that you’ll win 10 times in a row as it is that you’ll lose 10 times in a row.

Myth 2 – Using Autoplay=Less Payouts

Some people believe that hitting autoplay on online slot games instead of spinning manually can cause a player to be less successful in a game. However, this is not the case. Even though using the autoplay function makes it much easier for the player, it doesn’t change the algorithm of the slot at all. The outcomes of manual spins and autoplay spins are calculated in exactly the same way, and they are always completely random.

Myth 3 – Slots that have recently paid out won’t pay out again

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Another myth that circulates online is that slots that have recently paid out big jackpots won’t pay out again in the near future. Rumour has it that online casinos do this in order to ‘recoup their losses’ before allowing that particular slot to pay out again, but as you’ve probably guessed, this isn’t true at all! As we’ve already talked about, online slots are randomized, so it really doesn’t matter whether the slot has paid out recently as the RNG has no memory of this. This myth actually first started in the old days when players thought that physical casino slot machines wouldn’t payout if they didn’t have enough money in them. However, as most gamblers know, this doesn’t affect the payouts as the casino staff can just reimburse the player if there isn’t enough money inside the machine.

Just like in casinos, online casinos are regulated, so their RNG’s are checked often. Once you know how online slots work, playing online slots becomes way more fun as you don’t have to worry about being ripped off! But remember, always gamble responsibly.

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