The Only Advice You Need For A Successful Freelance Career

All over the country, people are quitting their jobs and moving into the world of freelance work. Becoming a freelancer has many benefits, such as the ability to work from


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Freelancing Contracts: Are They Necessary?

When money is involved, contracts are necessary. Come to think of it, even when work is being done for free, some type of formal agreement needs to be in place.


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Networking Tips for Web Developers

Networking is a great way to build a client base and facilitate collaborations and mentorships. There are lots of events designed for web developers, including conferences that will educate you


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Five Bits of Advice for Aspiring Web Designers

So you want to be a web designer, do you? Fantastic. It’s one of the more interesting and increasingly relevant avenues of IT work. But before you start your path


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Here There Be Dragons! Dealing with Nightmare Clients & Challenges As A Freelance Designer

In the great fantastic world of design, professionals are like knights, claiming prizes and rewards while fighting fierce dragons and vanquishing evil foes. At least, we think ourselves kin to


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But Where Have All the Clients Gone? How To Get More New Freelance Design & Development Work

If you’re a freelance designer or developer in 2012, you’ll recognise that smell in the air. You know, the one that smells a lot like fear. Whether you’re new to