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WINNER ANNOUNCED! Epic T-Shirt Giveaway – Win Any Shirt You Want From For FREE!


We Have A Winner!

The lucky Winner is

Adam Safar


Adam picked up this shirt that he asked for entitled “A Birth Day” (which is funny because today is my son Kayden’s bday! Happy 5th Bday Kayden!) – design on that shirt is shown below, pretty awesome!

Special thanks to everyone that participated! Your support was overwhelming! Don’t worry if you didn’t win though, there is always another awesome design giveaway around the corner! Stay tuned!

Today we are honored to partner with our favorite t-shirt company, Threadless, to bring you this exclusive giveaway. As you have probably seen, they have some seriously awesome & funny t-shirts, well today is your chance to get your hands on one of these sweet shirts absolutely Free!

Who is Threadless?

Threadless is an online community of artists and an e-commerce website based in Chicago, Illinois. Threadless designs are created by and chosen by an online community. Each week, about 1,000 designs are submitted online and are put to a public vote. After seven days the staff reviews the top-scoring designs. Based on the average score and community feedback, about 10 designs are selected each week, printed on clothing and other products, and sold worldwide through the online store and at their retail store in Chicago. Designers whose work is printed receive $2,000 in cash and $500 in Threadless gift cards, which can be exchanged for $200 cash. Each time a design is reprinted, the respective artist receives $500 cash. Threadless keeps rights to the design on clothing; designers keep the rights to their designs on all other media.

What Can I Win?

1 lucky winner will receive ANY SHIRT OF THEIR CHOICE that is currently in stock in their size from – See all the shirts.

These are just examples of what they have, you can pick any shirt you want to win

How Do I Win?

EASY! Here is what you have to do.

1) Leave a Comment on this blog post about which shirt you want to win from the available shirts at threadless – NOTE: Make sure the shirt is in stock with your size – also leave a valid email so we can contact you.

2) That is it! Told you it was simple 🙂

Rules: Entries must be received before 5PM EST on February 7th, 2012

Our system will choose the winner using and we’ll announce them in a short followup post the day after the giveaway.

Good Luck Everyone!!

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  • Julie

    Hope I’m still on time…

    I’d like a Raven girly tee, size S.

  • Elisa

    That’s awesome!

    I would like “Pillow Fight”, girly tee, size S.

  • Prakash Ghodke
  • Aja

    A Guide to Being a Pirate ( XL size)

    • Aja

      girly one please.

  • Martha

    “Raven” Girly S

  • Lily

    Oops I forgot to add that it’s for girls.
    Pillow fight, girly, S size.
    Sorry and thank you so much!

  • Mark

    Oh, it’s very kind of you!
    I would love freed guys, S size.
    Thank you!

  • Lily

    I would like a “Pillow fight” Shirt (S Size)
    Thank you a lot, I love Threadless!

  • Happy Ever After (Guys Tee – S)

  • Duck
  • a syaifuddin
  • I would love to win “Pandamonium” as Im called the Big Panda at work!!
    Besides, Threadless is just the coolest store in the world, I love their T’s!!!

  • “Heart Seeker” small please!

    love your blog, one of my favs that pop up in my google reader 🙂

    • Thanks! glad you like it! thanks for the support 🙂

  • Cindy

    I wish I win this 😀
    It’s Watering (A Life Into Itself) (Guy, L) cause I’m more like the size of guy. lol.

    and my email address:
    [email protected]

    please please let me win please! x

  • i want “A Birth Day” size L

    Hope i win! 🙂

  • Ray

    Thanks! No More Bento in guys small

  • Chris

    This is awesome!! Hope I win!

    Wanted – XL

  • Infinity MPG – Mens XL

  • I Wish I Were XL please

    P.S. Love your shirts!!!

  • Jane

    Reach For The Stars in girls medium

  • Jeannette Laframboise

    Great shirts! So unique. :0)
    I like the Hugs Keep Us Alive! by Lim Heng Swee Girly Tee in size 2XL.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win!
    (jglaframboise at eastlink dot ca)

  • Scott Gunn

    So many great choices! I think I’d like Optimust by Phil Jones in a Large. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Paolina Carta

    “London!” Girly Boat Neck Tee (S size)

    Thank you!

  • Deana Kneen

    Love the Blooming Shirt in XL!

  • Hitchin’ A Ride
    Guys size Small.

  • Mike

    Sanswich in mens M!

  • Jessie

    Ka-bloom in girly medium, please!

  • Julieta Paganini

    Ben, my son says he wants the “Cookie Loves Milk”, in 12M, because he is now a big boy!… He wants the tee just like his mom… 🙂


    Cosmic Safari in guys small!

  • Kris Johnson

    Mallory Dyer’s “Doctor-Hoo” in Men’s Large, please!

  • Kris Johnson

    Doctor-Hoo in Men’s Large, please!

  • CoolCat

    Anything in Men XL will do!!

  • Jana

    Thanks for having this contest! Totally want the Terror Vincit Omnia in girly medium.

  • Queenie

    Strange, my post didn’t get through. Let me try using another email address instead of my work one…

    I asked for Heart Seeker in Girl’s Small, which at the moment has ONE left.

    If this post gets picked and that ONE has already been sold, then I’ll go with Recycled Tin in Girls’ Small.

    Hope this post gets through this time…

  • Beyond Wen

    Ninja Rider in Small please!

  • I want to win Hugs Keep Us Alive! in size L


  • Kew

    Hugs Keep Us Alive!

    in Girly ‘S’ please. Thx.

  • Chew

    Russian Cargo in Girly S

  • MoniqueHasana

    I LOVE, Love Is A Game is 2XL. Thanks for the giveaway

  • “The Horde” by Aled Lewis looks awesome! Guys XL

  • Jeremy

    Reunion Tour in Men’s Medium!

  • Grace

    “Love is a game” girls medium

  • Rose

    Nice giveaway! 🙂

    I’d choose- in guys M.

  • Luka

    Perfect Timing (Girly Tee – M)
    I really need new tees hehe

  • Erin N.

    I’d love Soylent Puft in girly 2XL

  • Ruth

    I would love to get ‘ Logical Conclusion’ a guys medium. Absolutely love threadless.

  • Wow, just bought a t from threadless, they are great!

    I’d love the Electric Jellyfish shirt in XXL!

    Have fun! – Bob

  • Sneha Dobariya
  • holly cooper

    I love “Do Of The Dead” ( Size – Girly Small)

  • Love Threadless, love this giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

    My choice would be Grim Poetry (Girly 2XL)

  • Christina Lowry

    I’d love “Ambition Killed the Cat” (Girly Small)…
    Great giveaway!

  • carmen

    Purity in red. Mediummm!

  • Zack

    101 Cameras – M please! =)

  • Shannon Thompson

    Mister Mittens’ Big Adventure size large for my hubby =)


  • Wow… this is the hardest choice I’ve ever made…

    A Magical Place by Robson Borges.


  • Ghislene

    Its past midnight!! Holy Molly!! This is awesome!! <3 <3
    Would love to have the shirt – 'AV'.

    Thank you!!

  • “Borealis” is the shirt for me. I’m a “Medium” guy too so, that would be ideal. But I really like that shirt so…

  • Martin Hoffmann

    I love the: ‘Missing!!!’ Tee – Guy – Large,guys/style,shirt

    Oooooh Yeeeaaaah!

  • Erin
  • Greymata,guys/style,shirt
    “Mister Mittens”
    L Size plz :D…
    i hope i win the racket *finger crossed*

  • Impasse in girly size S 😀

  • Thunder Crabs in XL please

  • Dave Jacoby

    “Robot Tacos” in 2XL, please

  • Cam

    Larry the fox doesn’t feel so clever anymore (guys, small)

  • What a cool contest! Thank you for running it!

    Could I have “Star-Cross’d Lovers” in Medium, please? Thank you. 🙂

  • Pablo

    Adopt a dire wolf (Guy, L)

    Thank you!

  • Tanya

    This is awesome!!
    Technicolour Rex in a Men’s Small!!!

    Hope I get it!

  • Laura S.


    Funkalicious in size Girly Large

    Easily my favorite shirt on Threadless, and also my first purchase. So amazing that it deserves to be replaced in my closet if I win. Thanks!

  • I would love to win “Bat & Rob” in XL,guys/style,shirt Thanks!

  • Sarc
  • Rohit Chadha

    This is great !!!

    Ninjas vs Luchadores (Size – L)


  • Purity In Red by Tri Budiono
    in L


  • Louis

    I love the Time Travel Shirt (XL)

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

  • Sérgio Lourenço

    The Gift Of Knowledge – XL

    One of the BEST!!!!

  • Steve Robillard

    I would love to win A Birth Day (2XL).

    Good Luck All

  • James

    I like the Time Travel by Robniel Manalo t-shirt. Size XL.


  • Tiago
  • I’d like “Zombie Shadows”, Large.

  • Pedro Turco Neto

    The Horde is amazing!!

  • ” Rainbow Worrier ” Guys Tee Size M

    thanx ^^

  • Ka-Bloom v-neck girly in size S !

  • Ricard Rojas

    Heey guys!
    I would like:

    The Composition – XL Size


  • Obcy Reprazent

    Best shirts you got, and I have none!!!

    Zombie Shadows Size: M

  • Felix L

    “Every Night I Have the Same Dream, Issue 2, Vol. 1” (Guys Tee, Size M)


  • Jorge Cabrera

    “Doctor-Hoo” (Size: Large. Guys). Allons-y!

  • Renee G

    I like the Let Go tee.
    [email protected](dot)com

  • Jessica

    wow, SO many choices. I’d get the guy’s Infinity MPG in size M for a friend 🙂

  • Matt

    “When Pandas Attack” (S Size),guys/style,shirt

    or “War Games” if theres no stock for the pandas one (also S Size of course),guys/style,shirt

  • Hasnain

    I would like to have ” The Favela” because i think this is made for me… hope you,ll uderstand that …..,guys

  • Nice! i would like the “Space and Time” guy shirt (S Size)

  • I never win anything on these kind of things, but doesn’t hurt trying! Thanks!,guys/style,shirt

  • Enk

    That’s a great giveaway there Andy.
    If I win, I’d like to have “Hugs Keep us Alive” in Large size.,guys/style,shirt

    Thanks a lot and best of luck everyone! 🙂

  • Alan

    The Headless Samurai, size M

  • stephen

    infinity MPG in SMALL


  • Traci Ross

    I really love the “Cookie Loves Milk” shirt in silver, girly tee, size M

  • Victor

    I’d be glad to win the Time Travel t-shirt, size M!,guys/style,shirt

  • Carlos Posada

    Hi guys!!

    I wanna win this shirt:

    “God Save the Villain” (L Size)

    Smazing Blog!

  • I’d like to win the “Everyone Poops”
    size : M,girls/style,shirt

  • Duane Romanell

    Soon to be a new classic: Impasse, in Large. Thanks.

  • Batou

    nice from you !
    If I win, I would like a “Peacock at Night” Shirt (M Size)
    thank’s & happy Xmas 😉

  • infinity MPG in XL – ftw