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Your Living Room Walls Deserve A Makeover! Tips On How To Get It Right.

A living room wall that is well decorated can make you feel comfortable as well as appeal to your guests. Big areas of deserted wall space can make your living room seem bare, but you can make it homelier by including wall decoration. Traditional options such as shelves and paintings do a great job of covering up your walls just like artistic options: mirrors and fabric.

Here are some ways that you can choose to decorate your walls:

Reflect using mirrors

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Choose one wall, preferably the one that faces a window. Once you settle on a wall, hang several rectangular or circular mirrors on it to capture light and bounce it around the living room. This will make your living room more inviting as well as brighter. Moreover, choosing different mirror sizes and shapes adds character to your wall.

Display your favorite photos

If you have one or many favorite photos, you can go the standard route and choose to hang small photos of your family on the wall. If you like a more dramatic approach, you can have the photos enlarged and use acrylic face mounting, which provides beauty and liveliness that no presentation can match. Acrylic prints are becoming increasingly popular.

Hang a painting

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One of the most obvious wall decorations is a painting. The type of painting that you choose depends on your budget. Once you come up with an estimate, you can commission an artist or ask your artistic friend to make something for you.
Do you have a young family? You need to turn your family room into a child-friendly space by including your kids’ artwork on the walls. These pictures will add a splash of color and make your children feel proud.

Paint a glossy stripe

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Are your living room walls painted with a matte paint? You should consider adding a wide, smooth stripe to create a slight hint of texture. Make sure that you opt for a glossy paint that matches the one on your wall. The stripe should be at eye level or a bit higher to have the desired effect.

Cover with fabric

You can cover an accent wall with fabric, which is a unique alternative to wallpaper and paint. Moreover, fabric will give your walls some texture. Start by putting it on a single wall because covering all the walls will make your living room appear too busy.

When choosing fabrics, make sure that you opt for lightweight ones such as linen or cotton because thick fabrics tend to look overbearing and heavy. If you are looking for a less dramatic approach, consider hanging a framed square fabric instead of upholstering the entire wall. It will be much easier to change and is less expensive.

Add shelving

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Shelves are a simple and cheap way to decorate your living room walls. You should consider placing a variety of objects on these shelves – from photographs and lamps to mementos and knick-knacks – to make them look beautiful. Make sure that you use objects that tell your family’s story.


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You can hang clocks that are set to different time zones if you want to transport yourself to a different time. If you dream of traveling to other places or have loved ones are in other cities, you should add this sentiment to your living room wall. You can set the clock to whatever time zone you want and put a plaque under each clock for easier identification.

Decorating a living room is not an easy task. You should consider hiring an interior decorator if you do not have time to do it.

Bonus Tips!

Here’s a video showing several more ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

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