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5 Tips for Optimizing Your Web Hosting

Web optimization is a crucial component to the success of any website. If you go about the process of setting up and optimizing your web hosting in an efficient manner, you can save a considerable amount of money, time, and minimize your level of stress. The money you save, of course, can go towards promoting your website through various other means. Without further adieu, here are the five tips that will have you well on your way to getting the most out of your web hosting.

Pick A Quality Web Host

9 Steps To A Happy Relationship With Your Hosting Provider

Even though the provider of your web hosting account does not necessarily have any direct level of impact on your optimization strategy, picking a web host is such an important decision that it is worth mentioning nonetheless. With a quality web host, you will have peace of mind knowing that your site’s security, accessibility, and stability are all i good hands. Some sites offer comprehensive ratings of various web hosting services. You can also check for great hosting on Namecheap if you are looking for hosting in Australia.

Optimize Your Images

8 Excellent Tools for Optimizing Your Images

Nearly every website these days features at least some images. Therefore, it is important that you learn how to optimize them effectively. If you don’t they can end up taking up copious amounts of bandwidth each day. There are a plethora of free tools available on the web that can assist you in this process.

Optimize WordPress

WordPress Codex – WordPress Optimization

WordPress is the preferred format for the creation of blogs these days, so if your website contains a blog, it’s important to make sure you have your WordPress setup optimized to maximize its speed and efficiency. Some steps you can take towards doing this include making sure no unnecessary plugins are installed, finding an efficient caching system, and removing any extraneous PHP tags you find.

Optimize CSS

Pro CSS for High Traffic Websites

Coding CSS has become the dominant code used for creating today’s websites. One of the ways that you can take advantage of its flexibility is to learn how to create CSS sprites. It’s also a good idea to keep the codes short, particularly when they provide the same style.

Optimize Javascript

Performance Optimization: How to Load your javascript faster!

Javascript can be optimized by combining the sometimes many javascript files used on a site. You can accomplish this through the use of PHP or by playing around with .htaccess. Javascript errors can really wreak havoc on your site loading speed, if one javascript is generating an error it could cause them all to generate them. It is good to always check your javascript for errors using tools like firebug and running the scripts through jsLint or other javascript optimization tools. Also, loading common javascript files like jQuery through a CDN, or popular places such as the code files that google host, are very helpful in lowering your server load.

These are just a few of the steps you can take as a webmaster towards optimizing your web hosting. The more efficiently your website runs, the more traffic you’ll generate.

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