How To Get The Word Out About Your Business

How To Get The Word Out About Your Business 3

In the 2010s, it’s starting to feel like everyone is opening a personal business. There’s a wonderful line in the movie The Social Network that speaks to entrepreneurial spirit by


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Australia: Increased Internet Coverage & How Digital Marketing Is Impacting Brands

Australia Increased Internet Coverage & How Digital Marketing Is Impacting Brands 1

The growth of the internet in Australia has been incredible since it was first introduced to the country in 1986. The network was originally only used by a few government


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The Key To Grand Theft Auto 5’s Success


Rockstar Games has struck gold with Grand Theft Auto 5. Just this week it was announced that over 80 million copies have been sold worldwide, not counting games sold digitally.



4 Effective Strategies for Handling Social Media Complaints

Three upset friends online using a laptop with problems in a coffee shop

Social media is a double-edged sword. We love it because it gives everyone a platform and a voice, but it also enables bad news and bad press to travel farther,


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Marketing Your Business in the Physical World vs. Online

Physical vs Online Mktg 1

Whether you have a physical brick and mortar business, or one that is run entirely online, there are common goals that all entrepreneurs aspire to achieve. Some aspects of running


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Branding 101: Top Tips to Help SMEs Build an Effective Brand  

Branding 101 5

Good branding is vital. It’s a method of representing your company in a way that encourages customers, investors and competitors and helps them to perceive your business as something of


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Why Having A More Mobile Friendly Website Is A Must In 2017

Mobile friendly websites in 2017 1

At the dawn of this New Year, Google made an announcement that search queries on mobile phones surpassed those on desktop globally. For those constantly keeping an eye on Google’s



Tips For Choosing A Business Name

how to choose a business name 1

As a soon-to-be business owner, you have probably picked out your business name already. However, naming your business involves a lot more than giving it a catchy name. The name