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30+ Retro Print Computer Ads from the 90s – Vintage Geek Design Nostalgia

Remember when a an 8 GIG Hard Drive was standard on a $3,000 computer? I do. Those were the days. I was thinking about my first computer the other day – It was a 150 MHZ Intel Pentium with an 8 GB hard drive and 64 MB’s of Ram & a 14.4k dial up modem I believe. Twas a beast. It was 1995 and the internet and computers were new to us all for the most part. I have rounded up some inspirational print ads from that era that I am sure some of you remember seeing – even if you don’t remember it, you can read the specs on the computers and remember how ridiculous it was haha. Hope you enjoy this retro print ad nostalgia!

Need MOAR OBSOLETE COMPUTER ADS!? here are a few good ones

The 25 Funniest Vintage Tech Ads


Do you remember any of these? Do you remember your FIRST computer? Tell us about it below! (IN TEH COMMENTS!)

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