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32 Awesome Retro Website Designs

The retro look is in, if you haven’t noticed, it has been in for quite a while now. From street fashion to product design, print ads to the web, people


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Windows 8 Versus Windows RT – Key Differences & Features

Since the release of Windows 95 there aren’t many differences in the later releases including Windows 7. The changes that came in were mostly cosmetic and adapting to newer versions


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Android Tips & Hacks To Maximize Your Phone’s Capabilities

Going under-the-hood to maximize your Phone’s Capabilities If you’re a free soul and don’t want to be chained down by pointless limitations, chances are you’d prefer an Android-based phone over


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What You Need To Know About Search Engine Optimisation

Despite the vast majority of people now being computer literate to at least some degree, the concept of search engine optimisation is still foreign to many. Tell someone you own


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How to Submit Your Website to Google News

Getting listed in Google News is an excellent way to achieve more visibility, create a very good impression about your website’s quality and credibility, and capture traffic for your website.


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As a Designer, it is important to know your fonts! However, some of the best type nuts and typographers cant just look at a typeface and tell you what the


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Top Tech Terms In Plain English For Your Boss

Have you ever approached your boss about hiring a UI person, only to have to spend 45 minutes explaining what UI is and how improving UI can benefit the company?


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Top Online College Courses For Design Visual Graphics

The Internet has changed the way we buy and sell goods, find directions for stores and businesses, and interact with each other. It's also changed the way we learn, offering