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32 Awesome Retro Website Designs

The retro look is in, if you haven’t noticed, it has been in for quite a while now. From street fashion to product design, print ads to the web, people are embracing the styles of the last century and celebrating them in their own fun ways. It is always interesting to see how these designs are being tweaked and altered and given a modern twist. Games even rock the retro style, which has made titles such as Fallout and Portal 2 such legendary classics!

We have gathered below 32 of the most stylish retro websites around (that we have seen). Many of them display a Victorian aesthetic, while others shoot to more recent decades – such as the classic 50’s inspired Ad Packs or the pulpy Pulp Fingers. Whatever their retro influences, these websites all show how simply looking back in time can make you stand out from the crowd in these modern times and experienced web design agencies from the Theymakedesign blog handle this very well. So lets celebrate our history AND the future with these awesome retro web designs, get inspired!

Cast Iron Design

Retro Old Style Portfolio

Tom, Dick & Harry Creative

La Bubbly

Forefathers Group


Beautiful Type

CG Inspired

The Barrelhouse Flat

Friendly Gents

Forever Heavy

Cascade Brewery Co

Pulp Fingers

The Mischief Co

The Dollar Dreadful

Cantilever Chippy

Neutral Milk Hotel

The Threepenny Editor

The Lit Pub

Ad Packs

City Dog

Lord Likely

Oh My Deer


The Vintage Catering Co

They Make Apps

Rejected Robot

The New York Moon

Jolly Duck Bunting

Bullet PR

The Wayward Irregular

Antique Piano Shop

Has this collection inspired you to go retro? Done well it can be an excellent design choice – especially for certain types of businesses – so keep it in mind!

Have you already made an awesome retro website or design piece? Let us know, and please share your favourite retro designs in the comments section below!

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