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4 Ways a Smart TV Can Take Your Presentation to The Next Level

When you hear the word “smart,” you probably think of intelligence or wisdom. When applied to tech devices, smart usually draws to mind the image of an automated device or wireless control. Smart TVs or “hybrid TVs” are similar, since they can do more than a traditional TV. In recent years, smart TVs have become more popular as people look for ways to improve their experiences with technology. You can even bring a smart TV into the office to take presentations to the next level through its unique features. Here are a few of the benefits of smart TVs. For more information, browse smart LG and OLED TVs for sale to see what they can do for you.

App Usage

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One of the capabilities that categorizes a TV as “smart” is that you can connect it to the internet and use apps on it. This makes it easier to find videos on YouTube or link to other sites for your presentation. You can shop for apps through each TV provider’s app store, but most of the main apps that will help with improving presentations are available on all platforms. With the flexibility of various apps, you can use your smart TV in whatever way you choose, whether you want to show videos in high-definition or switch between screens to demonstrate data.

Wireless Mirroring

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When you are at work and discussing something with your team members, you probably wish you had an easier way to show your monitor on the bigger screen without having to find the cord, connect your computer, and turn on the projector. With a smart TV in your conference room or office, you can mirror your computer screen to it wirelessly and show graphs, Powerpoint presentations, videos, or anything else that is currently showing on your monitor. This also makes your conference room look cleaner, since you won’t have a bunch of cords constantly becoming tangled.

High-Definition Capabilities

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When you use a smart TV to show your new employee orientation presentation or to discuss marketing goals, you can make it much more visually appealing with high-definition. If you are working on team building, you might want to show clips from a favorite Netflix show, which will look much clearer on your smart TV than on a projector and screen.



Another benefit of a smart TV in the workplace is using it for teleconferencing. You can use the built-in webcam to display your own workspace, while having a larger screen available to view the person on the other end. Teleconferencing is becoming a popular way to host meetings, since it allows staff members to remotely attend meetings while saving time and money on commuting. Using a Panasonic or LG Home Electronics smart TV to train and educate your staff is another great example, where you can use the remote to switch between screens instantly.

With a smart TV in your conference room, you can take advantage of the many improvements for giving exciting and appealing presentations to your employees and clients. Technology is making it increasingly easy to connect all of your devices to one hub with a smart TV as your central mode of presentation.

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