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Every year we get smarter about what works in web design and what doesn’t. The more time that passes, the world is starting to see web design for what it is really meant to be: a smart and powerful tool for business, connections, and sharing.

Quickly being left behind are the brochure-ware sites of the earlier 2000s, in favor of more robust websites that inspire user engagement, list-building, and yes, even sales.

Which is why in 2016, we are starting to see many web design trends that go beyond the purely aesthetic, into something more useful. In the following infographic by The Deep End Design, you will discover ten trends predicted to rule the web in 2016, but there’s a twist; They have all been handpicked for their potential to actually increase conversion rates.

Some have been proven in the lab to bolster conversions, while others are simply too new to have been studied. But in either case, we can guess based on what we know about user psychology, and best practices, that they can all help any website perform smarter.

So take a look at the following trends and start thinking about which you could apply to your current client projects, or maybe even to your own portfolio site. You might be surprised how using the right trends in the right combinations can help you get more clients, and make your current clients even happier they hired you.


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