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Design v5 – Andy Sowards Goes Responsive

So its been about a year since the latest redesign had graced the pages of so I had been wanting to make it responsive and add/change a few things for a while since then and I am proud to say that I finally got a chance to do it! lol. I wouldn’t really consider this a “redesign” but more of a refresh – either way, hopefully it will help some of you guys on your phone or tablet browse a little easier. This is probably about the 5th reincarnation of the site design – those of you that remember way back in the day there was a crazy post-apocalyptic header/billboard theme going on haha. I am sure there will be many more reincarnations as well, anyway – dive into this one!


That is what it SHOULD Look like to everyone, if you find any bugs of course let me know – I guess the easiest way to do that right now is to just leave a comment on this post if you find one. Feel free to let me know what you think as well! I know there are probably a few issues throughout the site and I will be making tweaks throughout the week but I think it is in a good enough place to launch it – hence this post lol.

Thank YOU

I also wanted to take a second to say thanks to everyone for your love and support – You guys are truly awesome and without you it would be hard for me to keep doing what I love – Every Like, Share, Tweet, etc really helps out – so for that, I thank thee! Since the last redesign last year things have definitely picked up and have been going well on the site, so I guess you guys have liked it haha – hopefully with this ‘refresh’ you guys will enjoy it and things will continue to grow.

Well now that this is out of the way, Stay tuned for more awesome posts coming this week among other misc things! Also definitely check out – I can now finish work on finally getting it launched so everyone can geek out there soon too!

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