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50+ Epic Artisan Craft Pictures

As you guys know, I like to explore other mediums for inspiration (outside of the web). I think it is important to see things from another side, or things that are creative in a different way that you may not otherwise see, so today we explore the noble art of artisan crafts. These awesome items range from geeky girls jewelry all the way to paper and book art. Artisan crafts really encompass a lot of things that can also be considered a part of their own medium – such as oragami, book art, almost any hand made creative objects, wood art, props for cosplay, custom machines and gadgets, crafts (duh), food art, etc. (If you couldn’t tell I really like creative crafty type things haha) There is also some really nice object photography here as well. Lets dive into the actual definition of an artisan to get a better idea of this medium, shall we?

What Are Artisan Crafts?

Our old scholarly gentleman friend, wikipedia, will surely give us an artisan definition.

An artisan or artizan (from Italian: artigiano) or craftsman (craftsperson) is a skilled manual worker who makes items that may be functional or strictly decorative, including furniture, sculpture, clothing, jewellery, household items, and tools or even machines such as the handmade devices of a watchmaker. An artisan is therefore a person engaged in or occupied by the practice of a craft, who may through experience and talent reach the expressive levels of an art in their work and what they create.

The adjective “artisanal” is sometimes used in describing hand-processing in what is usually viewed as an industrial process, such as in the phrase artisanal mining. Thus, “artisanal” is sometimes used in marketing and advertising as a buzz word to describe or imply some relation with the crafting of handmade food products, such as bread, beverages, or cheese. Many of these have traditionally been handmade, rural, or pastoral goods but are also now commonly made on a larger scale with automated mechanization in factories and other industrial areas.

Artisans were the dominant producers of consumer products prior to the Industrial Revolution. According to classical economics theory, the division of labour occurs with internal market development (Adam Smith). However, according to economist John Hicks, merchants and artisans originated as servants to the rulers, which occurred much earlier.

Good ole Artisans! Thanks Artisans for putting more creativity into the world! In honor of these great craftsman, today we showcase some great Artisans and some of their epic hand-made masterpieces! Whatever you are working on, I am sure there is something here to give you an idea – or inspire you! Perhaps these tangible objects will inspire web designers or even print designers to take up a hobby creating some type of craft, or even a machine! Something you can reach out and touch – thinking about making those things really inspires me, even though It is hard to find the time to sit down and do it! I hope you all Enjoy!

That is so creative! Love the hood!

LOVE This Wheatley Puppet! Anything Portal 2 FTW!

These Cookie Monster Cupcakes are easily the coolest cupcakes ever.


Oh this is awesome. Piranha Plant – 3D Origami. So Epic.

Wow this clock tower model is ridiculously awesome


D’awwww DORABLE!

Beautiful Box! Love NoFace from Spirited Away

Wow, ridiculous talent in this mini Pikachu Locket.

Beautiful Ring! Geek Jewelry FTW!

Epic Steampunk Crafted Accessories! Cosplay FTW!

Epic Food Art. Ridiculous!

What is this? A Fruit Salad For Ants? *knocks over plate*

Another Tiny Food Platter. Incredible.


My Inner Geek Died And Went To Heaven. OMG. I LOVE THIS Vampire Killing Kit

Yeah I had to include some more pictures of that bad boy.

Wow, sooooo completely badass. Love this Steampunk Carnival Battle Mask

D’AWWWW ITS A WIDDLE TOTORO! Love Totoro! My kids adore him as well

Wow, intense leatherworking artisan craftmastery! Would be epic for cosplay

SO COOL. Steampunk Heart Pendant

Coolest. Bracelet. Ever. Tetris!

Awesome Steampunk Mech Kaepora

I love Nerf Guns. We had some at the office a while back, and this particular nerf model was my favorite because it would shoot the darts the farthest – this steampunk mod would make it the perfect nerf gun lol

So Many Gears… Beautiful.

Wow… just wow… thats amazing Cheshire Cat Makeup/Cosplay going along with this knitted hood.

These are some of the coolest custom Key necklaces I have ever seen.

Cool Fairy Bottle Necklace!

Wicked Armor!

Epic Pumpkin Carving – just in time for halloween!


These Steampunk Gauntlets would rock for Cosplay!

Cool wolf mask! Makes you want to go to a masquerade ball doesn’t it?

Really cool little stars papercraft

Awesome Llama Paper Craft!

Its Freakin’ Yoda!

What was your favorite piece of Art in this crafty post? Do you make things like this? Let us know in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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