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Calling All Restaurateurs: Improve Restaurant Employee Productivity

If you’re in the restaurant and food industries, then you’ll know just how fast-paced and quick the whole thing can be. There is very little margin for error without having to deal with wastage or upset customers. So how can you make sure that you are increasing productivity in all of these areas? When there is little room for error, you need to make sure that your employees and procedures are up to scratch to help you to achieve all that you need to.

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First of all, one of the things that you need to look at is your employees. Identify your most productive to start with; what do they do to be productive and to really achieve? Being able to have some people that stand out as examples can be helpful when it comes to others in your team. They can look to emulate the things that the productive employee does well so that hopefully, they can mimic their productivity.

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If you’re unsure of how to identify top performers, then there are actually quite a few metrics that you can use. It could be that you look at things like how many transactions an hour they have had, or the table turns, tips, or overall customer satisfaction. But it will be different for each department; the chefs won’t be measurable against the servers, for example. So it will take some practice to identify and know how to develop your team.

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Cross training with your employees can be a great way to identify the most productive employees, as well as making all of your employees more productive. If people are off sick, then it means that you have a more skilled team overall, so you can change up who does what. Cross training is beneficial to your employees as well as to the business, so if it isn’t something that you’re doing already, then it really should be. You could train kitchen staff to know how to serve and deal with customers in the appropriate manner, as well as teaching serving staff a few basics and know-how in the kitchen. If they don’t know how to work the different types of restaurant ranges that you might have, then somewhere like that can be a good place to start. When good cross training happens it means that you can have fewer staff from time to time, but it shouldn’t affect how well things run. That is the aim, anyway.

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To control the costs of your business, you need to have some proper reporting tools in place. You will need to look at different metrics individually, as well as then collecting them and collating them altogether. Then you’re likely to get the most accurate picture of how things are going, so you can implement any changes should you need to.

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Sadly, there isn’t one single measure that is going to be used to help you to evaluate productivity completely. But getting additional information from a variety of metrics can be useful in controlling costs, but not letting it affect productivity.

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