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3 Staff Members Every Small Retail Store Needs

The majority of retail stores tend to start small and then grow from there. This may be true of your own experience; you started largely running a small store by yourself, and are now in the process of branching out and expanding your reach. You’re still a small business when compared to the big multinational retailers, but you’ve got big plans for the future.

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When you come from a background of largely running the store unaided, accepting that you might need help from employees can be tricky. You have become so accustomed to having full run of all the decisions and shouldering all of the responsibilities, the idea of handing over to another person can make you feel out of control and panicked.

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If the above sounds familiar, then it’s perhaps a good idea to read through some of the employees that will make a genuinely revolutionary difference to your store. In fact, after a few weeks with these members of staff on board, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them.

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Stock Controller

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There’s no doubt that for any small business, inventory help can be incredibly useful, but especially for a retail store. After all, if you don’t have a steady supply of the stock that your customers want to buy, then you’ve pretty much failed at the most crucial requirement in your business. Unless you want to be turning customers away — to inevitably head to your competitors — you’re going to want stock to be well-monitored at all times.

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It’s tough to keep on top of this yourself, which is why a specialist stock controller could make all the difference in the world to how your business runs. A stock controller will be able to help anticipate any supply issues, predict trends based on previous patterns, and ensure that no customer has to leave the store empty-handed.

Floor Manager

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It’s likely that one of the first hires you made for your small retail business was an overall manager, someone who could help deal with the overall workload that running a small business tends to entail. So what’s so special about a specific floor manager?

A floor manager is a specific person who is able to tell you about the running of the shop floor. They can help organize displays and ensure that queuing customers are well-handled, without disrupting the flow of other shoppers. They don’t have anything to do with stock, decisions about the business, or the hiring and firing of other employees like a conventional manager– but sometimes, you need experts in specific roles to get the most of your store.

Window Dresser

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Finally, a window dresser is a valuable investment for any store to consider. You can usually hire window dressers on a freelance basis, so if you’re worried about over-increasing your general staffing costs, this should still be manageable.

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A good window display will be able to tempt passersby into your store; invite people to peer closer; intrigue and delight crowds who might otherwise have walked on by. Specialist window dressers are an investment that you’re not going to regret.

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So do you think you might be tempted to hire any of the above?

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