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80+ Pieces of Epic Geek Jewelry For Nerdy Girls

This post is for you ladies. Guys can enjoy the geekyness of it of course – but its mostly for the ladies 🙂 (said in deep barry white voice – ohhh yeahhh) Showing the love for the handful of ladies that enjoy the site! (Just kidding I hope there are more than a few! haha) 🙂

So whether you are young or old, male or female, I hope you enjoy these epic geeky creations! I personally love anything that is geeky or nostalgic in any way – and these pieces of geek jewelry really set off the geek-o-meter – they are creative AND beautiful! I would think that any nerdy girl would really enjoy getting one of these for a present, whether or not they would wear it regularly, I don’t know haha – but they should be fun regardless! I really love the super mario ones, but there are even some game of thrones ones down there for those of you into that show (I know I am!). I personally have a few geeky shirts and other misc apparel – so if I was a girl, I would totally rock these things. I hope the geekyness inspires you to get creative, and make your own, or possibly give you some ideas for your next gift (gotta think about the holidays!) or your next project! (Look at us geeks, always thinking about the future!) Enjoy!!!

Ear Biting Chain Chomps Super Mario Nintendo Earrings

Super Mario Yoshi Egg Nintendo Earrings

Super Mario YOUCH Piranha Plant Earrings

Zelda Triforce Nintendo Earrings

Darth Vader Star Wars Necklace

Navi Fairy Zelda Nintendo Earrings

C3PO Droid Star Wars Dangle Earrings

Finn Adventure Time Earrings

Fox Foxy Earrings

Ice King Adventure Time Earrings

Jake Adventure Time Earrings

The Original Portal earrings – laser cut acrylic

So Cool!!!

Laser cut acrylic Portal companion cube necklace

laser cut acrylic pixelated heart charms – any colour

Super Mario Bros Boo Inspired Silver Plated Hip Hop Pendant

Black Mustache Necklace – Movember, Geek Jewelry

Kawaii Black Ninja Rabbit Earrings – Easter Anime Geek Jewelry

Ninja Rabbits… what more do you need on your ears!?

Half Life Lambda Logo Ring – Geek Jewelry Custom Made

Such an epic ring. Love Half Life. and Valve.

Glowing Life Bar Necklace – video game jewelry geek pendant health bar zelda skyrim metal gear

Game of Thrones inspired dragon egg pendant, fantasy necklace, geek jewelry

Winter is Coming Unisex Ring, 14kt Gold Sterling Silver Rose Cut Moissanite Game of Thrones Inspired

Horde Necklace, World of Warcraft WoW Pendant

Health & Mana Potion Necklace

HTML Necklace – Geek Jewelry – Geek Chic

Apple Mac Undo Necklace

Guys Kinekt Design Gear Ring

Can’t leave the fellas hanging – this one is for the guys haha (I personally really like it)

Need more epic Geek Jewelry Ideas!? Here are some posts that have some REALLY geeky (in general) jewelry items for you ladies (and guys!)

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What is your favorite piece of nerd jewelry?! Leave it in the comments below!

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  1. 1

    Andy, these are all totally nerdtastic! I am in love. By any chance do you have a site that makes totally nerdtastic gauges? I have been looking everywhere. Please let me know if you do. Thank you!

    • 2

      Glad you like them Ashley! Actually I hadn’t thought of that before – I will see what I can dig up and let you know 😀 – Thanks for the input! Hope you have a great week!

  2. 3
  3. 7

    I’ve been checking the girl’s shop for the chain chomp earrings for a while now but can never find any in stock. I would love to have about half of this list!! 😀

    • 8

      yeah too bad the people on etsy don’t have some giant factory manufacturing their stuff lol

  4. 9
    • 10

      LOL Kisa – that is almost exactly what I said when I saw it! (my kids love anything with mustaches on it too)

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