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Make Money With Online Casino Sites Built With WordPress

The online gaming industry is growing each year thanks to the ever increasing interest in online gambling. With so many new games and options to play which include the emerging HTML5 trend for the creation of new optimized software, mobile apps for smartphone and tablet users as well as the Bitcoin payment method, which isanother example, there are literally billions of dollars in revenue to be collected each year.

With that being said the industry itself cannot survive on pure service alone – advertising plays a major role in the actual deliverance of new players to the online casino, whether it is on a desktop or a mobile device. With online banners, pop ups, emails and newsletter having less and less impact each year, it is up to news sites and new media sources, such as blogs to get quality information regarding the best online casinos like Zebra Casino for instance.


With an attractive design, regularly updated original content and entertainment as well as honesty in heart, you too can join the online casino industry and earn money by having your own WordPress website.
If you are not familiar with WordPress, it is essentially a website platform which you can customize to your own needs. Even if you are not tech savvy you can use a template and upload your content easily and without too much fuss. The idea is simple – you will create a website dedicated to the online casino industry which you can use to inform players of new and exciting deals, and you will get paid for it.

Let’s talk about content first – the casino industry is huge so it is best to select a niche which you will fill. Whether it is slots, best online casinos, mobile games, etc, it is up to you. The idea is not to get too excited with overabundance of ideas which you can never fully explore. Once you have the ideal topic, make sure to do some research on what you are going to write about – casino reviews, previews, bonuses, promotions, banking options, etc are all viable topics for articles.

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Make sure to use multimedia as much as possible – no one wants to read a 1000 word essay on some game without pictures or even better, a video demonstration. Make sure to use links and keywords in order to better curate your content and stay relevant on search results.

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Finally, payment can come from several sources – Google adwords is one option, and casino affiliate programs are another. The first has a set of rules you will have to fulfill in order to qualify while the other will net you profit when you promote certain casino links on your website. It is really up to you to decide.

One thing to consider however is making your content suit your audience, which is another great example of being more visible and consistent, as well as more likely to be followed by a larger number of people. Sure you can write what you find interesting and be critical about it, but you must consider your audience’s preferences if you want your WordPress powered website to get some hits.

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