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Express Yourself: Putting Your best “You” Forward

It seems these days that everything is about being the best “you” you can be. Whether it’s your personal identity, or your business’s brand, appearances are important.

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It comes with the territory of today’s world: Everyone, from any corner of the globe with an internet connection is a click away from you, whether personally or professionally. Individuals are no longer random entities in a mass. People are visible, and connected more than ever before and thus, today more than ever, putting your best foot forward is important.

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Optimizing you is about being the most comfortable and self-confident you can be. That can mean any number of things. Some people are concerned about staying in shape and looking healthy; others might put a premium on being educated and intelligent. Others still, view generosity as being the most important aspect of their outer selves.

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If your goal is to appear confident and attractive, makeup is one of the best places to start. It’s no secret that people love makeup, and it’s something that’s quick and simple enough to add to your daily routine. If it makes you feel confident, it can make all the difference for you in terms of putting your best foot forward and nailing that first impression.

Expressions of kindness and generosity are another way of being your best self. We all have that friend or relative who always comes bearing gifts. Whether it’s something useful, something to collect, or both, it makes you feel good. And, with a bit of effort, it’s not hard to become that person. Being the person who gives timeless gifts is a way of leaving a great impression on people.

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On the business side, you might take a different approach, but the results are the same. Professionals need to be prepared, organized, educated, and punctual. However, a business or a business representative can also put its best foot forward with its physical appearance, just like an individual.

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Rather than wearing a specific outfit, dressing up a business is about branding and advertising it to potential customers. This can be at a trade show with a great display booth, in magazine or newspaper ads, or with a beautiful storefront. Even if the work and end product are the same, people prefer a nice facade. Just as with everyday people, a glowing, positive, attractive exterior breeds confidence.

Making a great first impression isn’t the end. As the phrase would indicate, it is just the beginning. However, it is an important beginning to any interaction. The first impression guides subsequent interactions, even more than we would like to admit. Being the best you and putting your best foot forward is all about optimizing that impression to positively shape what comes next.

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