3 Games That are Gaining Popularity Fast This Season

It’s been an exciting year for mobile games. Developers get more ambitious with each year and there has been some amazing games with unique mechanics and realistic graphics. These three games are quickly topping the charts and making waves throughout the mobile gaming community for their quality.

3 Games That are Gaining Popularity Fast This Season 5
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It’s time to put down your console controller, pick up your smartphone or tablet and download these three games immediately to see just how far mobile gaming can go.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

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Everyone loves the Final Fantasy series of games. Each iteration has better graphics, stronger characters and a more intriguing story. While famed for the console games, you’ll be surprised to know there is a strong lineup of mobile games that people are rapidly downloading and playing.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire isn’t a clone of the console game, but a completely new experience. You start by picking a location for your castle and building up your empire. You will be forced to manage resources, train your forces, research new items and take on both monsters and other players. Teamwork is essential, so be diplomatic and join guilds with nearby kingdoms.

It you love city-building games and fantasy atmospheres, then this is the perfect game for you. Be sure to download and play Final Fantasy XV.

Rules of Survival

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Sometimes it really is you versus the world. At least, it will feel that way when you play Rules of Survival. It’s you against 120 players, last player standing is the winner. The mechanics and rules here are very loose, allowing you to adapt unique strategies for handling the other players. You can form four-person teams to increase your odds of survival, or you can go solo and hide out until most of the other players are taken care of.

Everything here is considered fair. Each player drops in, grabs resources and then goes against everyone else on the map. There are dozens of weapons to choose from, vehicles to ride and the controls are very easy to learn. Not only that, but the graphics are right up there with consoles.

The map itself is eight-by-eight kilometers, giving each player plenty of room to move and explore. Each round will be completely different, so keep trying until you reach the top spot.


3 Games That are Gaining Popularity Fast This Season 3
Review: Dandara

Mobile gaming apps are typically free or very cheap, but that’s not quite the case with Dandara. At $15, it’s one of the more expensive mobile games on the market. That being said, very few have complained about the cost due to the game’s quality. This innovative Metroidvania game adds the unique ability to walk on ceilings and walls, making exploration better than ever.

The world of Salt in nearing collapse and it’s your job to bring balance to the land. You have to fight interesting enemies and bosses, collect amazing items and go through challenging obstacles to reach your goal. There are plenty of secrets along the way, so be sure to explore every corner before moving forward.

Game controllers are welcome and encouraged here, making this game easier to control. If you love to explore, solve puzzles and fight big bosses, then Dandara is the right game for you. It takes everything you like about Metroidvania games and adds a few fun twists along the way.


3 Games That are Gaining Popularity Fast This Season 4
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Mobile gaming is getting better each year and these games definitely prove it. From new mechanics to enhanced graphics, you can see mobile gaming is quickly catching up to its console counterpart. Try all of these three games to see why they are becoming so popular.

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